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[Entrepreneur · Internal Reference] Deng Yaping: 4 major upgrading trends of China's sports industry (unlimited business opportunities ~)

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Guide: On the afternoon of March 25, local time in the United States (March 26, Beijing time), Deng Yaping, an investor, delivered a keynote speech at the China business Conference hosted by Columbia University Business School (CBS). Observation on the trend of entrepreneurship and investment in China's sports industry.

This is Deng Yaping's first international appearance as an investor. 这些变化也为体育从业者带来更多的创业和投资机会。 She elaborated on sports consumption in China at Columbia University, experiencing changes from free to paid, from special to cross-border, from mass to niche, and from participation to experience. These changes have also brought more sports practitioners Business and investment opportunities.

Those who can go to Columbia University to give lectures are all big coffees in various fields. Deng Yaping's speech must be full of gold!


Deng Yaping, who was once an athlete, is very powerful. Deng Yaping, who is an investor, seems to be very handy ~

In recent years, China's sports consumption has indeed been flourishing, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurship!


Then let's take a look at what aspects of sports consumption are worth paying attention to!

Deng Yaping Columbia University English Lecture Video

Speech excerpt

。 I am very glad to have the opportunity to share my views and knowledge of China's sports industry as a "sportsman" . The topic of my speech today is "Sports Industry under the Upgrade of Consumption" .

In the past two years, the sports industry has suddenly "heated" in China. From a wide range of perspectives, such as the strong injection of Chinese capital into European football clubs, and domestic Internet companies' huge purchases of competition rights; judging from the little things around them, more and more friends around them have started running marathons, compared to watching the Olympic gold medal list Everyone pays more attention to their health and shape. These are all a microcosm of the Chinese sports industry's "fire".

,相信很多人也有所耳闻。 Another number- "5 trillion" -I believe many people have heard of it. In October 2014, the State Council issued "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption" 提出了到2025年体育产业总规模超5万亿元、人均体育场地面积在步行15分钟内达2平方米的发展目标。 The development goal of the sports industry with a total scale of more than 5 trillion yuan by 2025 and a per capita stadium area of 2 square meters within 15 minutes on foot was proposed.

In fact, in addition to top-down policy support for economic development, the real driving force should be the real consumer demand in this market. With the rise of the Chinese middle class and the escalation of consumer demand, the demand for sports and entertainment is also increasing.

The middle class plays the main role of social consumption, and the emerging middle class group consisting of post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s groups has become the main consumer. For them, consumption is no longer just an economical and practical process, but a process of seeking self and personalization.

Therefore, the new wave of consumption upgrade, from coping with life to operating and enjoying life, is also the process of traditional subsistence and material consumption to give way to new types of consumption such as development and service. And reflected in sports, that is, sports professionalism, quality and individual needs are more prominent and strong.

Sports consumption in China is undergoing an upgrade process from free to paid, from special to cross-border, from mass to niche, and from participation to experience.

From free to paid

In recent years, people's consumption concept of sports is constantly escalating and changing. A few years ago, everyone ’s perception of sports consumption was “nearly zero”. Taking the most traditional sports watching game in the sports industry as an example, in the past, people who went to the field to watch the game were proud to get tickets free of charge. Fewer and fewer tickets for important matches are hard to find, and fans have increased their prices to purchase from the secondary market.

Almost all of the online video watching was free, and the early pioneers of paid viewing almost failed. Since 2010, a sports company has taken over the Premier League market and gradually pushed forward. The payment model has gradually been accepted by the public.

,而在付费电视领域,其旗下的收费电视频道320万付费订阅用户观看了揭幕战,网络总播放量更是达到了1亿 The data shows that compared to the 2013-2014 season, the number of subscribers to pay TV channels in the 2014-2015 season increased by 67% . In the field of pay-TV, 3.2 million paid subscribers of its pay-TV channels watched the opener. The playback volume reached 100 million .

追求更好的产品内容和服务体验,也为体育从业者带来更多流量变现的可能,有利于体育产业往更加良性循环的方向发展。 The change in sports consumption from free to paid is actually the quality demand of consumption, the pursuit of better product content and service experience, and also the possibility of realizing more traffic for sports practitioners, which is conducive to a more virtuous cycle of the sports industry Direction of development.

From Dedication to Cross-border

A century of loneliness

Another embodiment of consumption upgrade is to upgrade from the past single-activity sports activities to cross-border music, entertainment, or a more diversified sports mode combining multiple sports.

Take fitness as an example. When the fitness boom just started in China, it was still the traditional way, boring equipment training and gym uniform decoration style. In recent years, with the further improvement of people's living standards, fitness has become increasingly popular.

In Beijing's CBD with a high degree of internationalization and commercialization, a new trend of "cross-border boutique gyms" has begun. Cool lights and sound, DJ playing dishes in the center of the room, artistic calligraphy and paintings everywhere on the wall, and a special "bar" for fitness drinks, juices and salads. Attracted by many young white-collar workers and international friends.

追求彰显个人的价值主张和生活品位,需要体育从业者思考如何更精准定位,更有效迎合目标人群,也有利于体育产业与文化、娱乐融合,更普及、更深入人们的生活。 The change of sports consumption from special to cross-border is actually the personalized demand of consumption. The pursuit of highlighting personal value propositions and living tastes requires sports practitioners to think about how to more accurately position and more effectively meet the target population, which is also beneficial to the sports industry Integrate with culture and entertainment, more popular and deeper into people's lives.

From mass to niche

In the past two years, sports participation has also shown a trend from mass sports to niche sports.

With the "Winter Olympics", the ice and snow project has become an emerging niche sports hot. Skiing has become one of the most popular emerging outdoor sports.

其中基础设施和个人装备目前市场容量都已达到数10亿市场规模。 The winter sports boom brought by the Winter Olympics has brought about the outbreak of the entire winter sports industry chain. Among them , the current market capacity of infrastructure and personal equipment has reached a billion-dollar market size. Traditional service companies and Internet companies have begun to enter the fields of training, ticket purchase, equipment rental, insurance and medical treatment, social sharing, and so on.

The movement from the masses to the niche has proved a general trend in consumption upgrading, that is, the process of changing from "following the big slip" to "radish and greens each have their own love".

From participation to experience

There is also a significant trend in the upgrade of sports consumption, from simple participation to in-depth experience. This is particularly evident in the field of sports tourism.

Sports leisure tourism has matured in developed countries mainly in Europe and the United States, and sports leisure tourism has formed a huge market. For example, rock climbing, alpine skiing, adventure, seaside surfing and bungee jumping are all important forms of development of foreign leisure sports tourism.

With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of healthy tourism and green tourism, China's sports tourism industry has also developed rapidly. People are no longer satisfied with traditional sightseeing tourism, but are more willing to engage in deep experience sports. tourism.

In 2016, the Chinese government issued a policy and proposed to cultivate about 1,000 unique and vibrant small towns by 2020.

By 2020, the total number of sports tourism nationwide will reach 1 billion, accounting for 15% of the total number of tourists, and the total consumption of sports tourism will exceed 1 trillion yuan.

体育将与教育、文化一样成为一种生活方式。 The change in sports consumption from simple participation to in-depth experience is actually a comprehensive reflection of personalized, qualitative and professional consumption needs. Sports will become a way of life like education and culture.

to sum up

而这些变化仅仅是中国体育产业发展变化的几个小小缩影,而正是这些变化将影响体育产业的发展方向和最终走势,也为体育从业者带来更多创业和投资机会。 Sports consumption in China has undergone changes from free to paid, from special to cross-border, from mass to niche, and from participation to experience. These changes are just a few microcosms of the development and changes of China's sports industry. These changes will affect the development direction and ultimate trend of the sports industry, and also bring more entrepreneurship and investment opportunities for sports practitioners.

,致力于为中国体育产业的发展尽一份力,让体育的健康和运动的快乐融入更多人的生活。 As a sports investor, last year, I set up the "Deng Yaping Sports Industry Investment Fund" , which is dedicated to contributing to the development of the Chinese sports industry and integrating the health of sports and the joy of sports into the lives of more people. Friends who are keen and interested in the sports industry are also welcome to come and discuss with us.

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