hg171812.com Information exchange of LPG industry (2017.4.4)

Information exchange of LPG industry (2017.4.4)

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In the liquefied gas industry, there is a lot of information, such as whose distribution and supply station is to be transferred, whose gas station is to be sold, and whose company is hiring. At present, everyone is discussing and communicating in a small group. The frontline of the gas industry "WeChat public account has more than 10,000 followers (the total number of employees in the liquefied gas industry in China is estimated to be about 100,000, and the number of followers accounts for 10%).

In order to allow buyers to have more sources of information and find relevant information quickly and accurately; in order to allow sellers to have more people to participate in the competition to sell a good price, the "front line of the liquefied gas industry" decided to open this platform for everyone for free Features.

Whether you want to buy a shop, buy a gas station, recruit people, or you want to buy a shop, sell a gas station, apply for a job, as long as it is related to the liquefied gas industry, such as stoves, valves, tank cars, gas sources, this public platform will be released for free.

Welcome everyone to contact us enthusiastically, WeChat: 3151084093

LPG Distribution Supply Station Transfer Information

广州市白云区江高镇手续齐全正在营业中。 ◆◆ Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City is in full operation and is in operation. Just for twenty years. I really want to go back to my hometown to take care of myself. 13719264868

海南三亚周边,液化气铺子转让,月销售1800以上,售价统一,客户稳定,价格面谈,电话:15117450663 ◆◆ Around Sanya, Hainan, LPG store transfers, monthly sales of more than 1800, uniform price, stable customers, price interviews, phone: 15117450663

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成都液化气铺子转让,中瓶每月九百瓶左右,大瓶每月一百肆伍拾瓶,全是自己一手维护起来,发展空间巨大 ,电话:18382142443非诚勿扰 ◆◆ Chengdu LPG store transfer, about 900 bottles per month for medium bottles and 100 bottles per month for large bottles, all of which are maintained by oneself, huge development space , Tel: 18382142443

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贵阳云岩区有证液化气铺子转让 气月销1200多瓶,交通便利,无拆迁风险。 ◆◆ Transfer of LPG store in Yunyan District, Guiyang. The monthly gas sales are more than 1,200 bottles. The transportation is convenient and there is no risk of demolition. Due to my marriage transfer, phone 13595020509

成都武侯区液化气铺面转让,月销售中瓶500多瓶,小瓶100多瓶,大瓶5瓶左右,桶装矿泉水1000桶。 ◆◆ ◆ The transfer of liquefied gas pavement in Wuhou District, Chengdu, with monthly sales of more than 500 bottles, more than 100 small bottles, about 5 large bottles, 1,000 barrels of mineral water. 新3.8m厢式货车给二级散户送货,月销售30T左右,根据需求可拆开转让。 A 7-story new 3.8m van is delivered to the second-level retailer, with a monthly sales of about 30T, which can be disassembled and transferred according to demand. The shop has a good geographical location, and the customer maintains good reputation. Interested parties call or interview (13458501982)

LPG supporting products and information

LPG Filling Station For Sale

贵州九天燃气信息管理服务有限公司,实力资金团队及专业技术团队。 ◆◆ Guizhou Jiutian Gas Information Management Service Co., Ltd., a strong capital team and a professional technical team. The company intends to acquire or lease LPG filling stations in counties and cities of Guizhou Province for a long time.

◆◆ 沧州有一气站对外承包,储罐120立方,手续齐全,经营了两个月左右,由于有其他项目发展,现对外承包,电话15531788866,微信同步 I have contracted at a gas station in Cangzhou, Hebei , with 120 cubic meters of storage tanks and complete procedures. It has been in operation for about two months. Due to other project developments, I am contracting with foreign countries. Call 15531788866, WeChat synchronization

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