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Twelve Rongguo: Birthday Party | G-Story

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Top student


Nai Ge is a WeChat group called "Twelve Rong Guofu". 仙气十足 的基佬群。 Listen to the name, you should also know that it is a group of immortals.

Last weekend, because two of the fairies had their birthdays, everyone said they wanted to get together.

To be honest, I am a patient with severe lazy cancer. I like to stay at home on weekends and don't want to go anywhere.

But considering that I haven't seen each other in a few months, I decided to go for an appointment .

The night before my appointment, I had a hard time deciding whether to apply a mask, because after all, it was a gathering of guys. Although it was not necessary to fight against each other, it seemed too shabby.

But it was too tiring. I thought I had to wash my face after applying the mask.

The next day the alarm sounded a long time before I got up, and my clothes were too lazy to match. Put on the plain clothes I wore at work the day before yesterday and go out.


Most of the guys love to add drama to themselves. Before they met, the group of "twelve uncles" had a chat.

”。 We guess who will be the " Red Carpet Finale Female Star ".

M and B are "winning" hits. We joked that their relationship is the same as that of Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing. Even when they arrive at the restaurant, they must ensure that they are the last talents to enter.

—— The results were unexpected--

It was me who finally arrived.

But it's fair to say that I am the farthest inside, and ran from the north side of the capital to the east side. It took more than an hour on the road, farther than I usually go to work.


The "twelve-year-old" people are mostly between 26-30 years old. Such a party may be very different from the "celestial party" that everyone remembers.

颜好身正的抢手货 。 Objectively speaking, the twelve-year-olds are mostly good-looking. When everyone was still jumping on the love market, they were also popular and well-dressed.

A few years ago, we would tend to choose handsome places such as Sanlitun to gather together, and we would choose "physical activities" such as room escape, KTV, and shopping, but now we only want convenience and comfort as our primary consideration. .

It may be that at the age of 30, the life that everyone thinks about and cares for is no longer centered around-falling in love and looking good.

So although it ’s been a long time to get together this time, most people, like me, come in casual clothes.

When I watched "Kangxi is here", I heard a guest say, "I used to feel tired after a few rounds when I was young. Now I'm tired of lying down just before I go to the club."

It was incredible at the time, but now it has become a true portrayal of our group of people.


Among the people who came that day, except me, all were non-single . There were five couples present, and the longest talked for 7 years, and the shortest talked for more than 2 years.

While eating, we noticed the ring between B and his boyfriend.

买的。 B said it was bought on their 7th anniversary .

Someone nearby asked where they bought it, it looks good.

B said, "Zhou **. Their rings look pretty."

Someone at the scene jumped out of the couple and said that their ring was also bought at the Zhou family, but it was not convenient to wear it.

,就不敢去。 W on the side said that he also wanted to buy it, but he was afraid that it would be a little embarrassing when he bought it, so he didn't dare to go.

B and the couple told W: "In fact, it will not be embarrassing. The clerk will see nothing different when the two men buy the ring. The clerk just wants to sell the product and does not care who bought it ."


Think about it. This is the benefit of Beijing. Everyone has their own needs, but they don't offend. The pressure of life gives them time to care about their own affairs.

。” Amidst praise, B took the initiative to end the topic of "rings" and said, "When we have passed the tenth anniversary, we will buy a Tiffany ."

Well, then I set a small goal, I will give myself a Tiffany after 10 years .


We haven't seen it in a few months, and there is a lot of information that needs to be updated. While eating and drinking, we gag and share what's happening in work and life today-

Some people changed jobs and were very satisfied with the new job. They chattered with excitement, which also promoted their husband-wife relationship.

Someone bought a house and is renovating. After dinner, he will go to the new house to communicate with the renovation team.

Someone just ended a long time off with her boyfriend and finally lived together happily.

Still others lost money, and some people were considering changing houses.


Of course, as a 30-year-old gay, everyone will inevitably talk about marriage.

。 Except for those who have already come out with their families, almost everyone is facing the problem of getting married .

,两年前就在北京买了房子,也有份体面的工作,长相气质也都OK——具备结婚的一切条件,很难向家里解释自己为什么一直不结婚。 Some of them have the most personal pressure, in their early 30s, the only child in the family. They bought a house in Beijing two years ago. They also have a decent job and look good. They have all the conditions for marriage. marry.

The pressure from his hometown was so great that he was afraid to go home during the New Year-he was forced to have dated many Lala and tried to find a suitable humanoid marriage.

According to him, there is a good P right now, but it depends on how well they can communicate.

I don't think that a formal marriage would be a good choice. However, there is not much choice for comrades.


大家各自把准备的礼物送给了两位寿星。 After eating and sharing the cake, everyone gave the two gifts to the two birthday stars.

It took almost 3 hours for a meal.

Then we are ready to leave.

Someone is going to play badminton, somebody is going to stare at the decoration of the new house, and somebody is going back to walk the dog, and I am going to visit her new born child in a nearby home ...

We bid farewell to each other at the restaurant.

The breeze blew my face, drank some wine, and felt a little sloppy, which felt good.


This is a very ordinary baseball party and a very ordinary weekend.

Writing it, it seems that there are no stories of big ups and downs, and there are not too many grass snake gray lines and transitions.

But life is just the sum that is connected by ordinary days, so I am willing to write it down.

Well, I am going to lie down and take a nap.

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