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Several common problems in the construction of corporate culture

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With the intensification of corporate competition, more and more managers are paying attention to corporate culture as an effective management tool, and it has become a fashionable topic in corporate management in recent years. Although some managers have issued the tone of "culture uselessness" because of repeated defeats in the construction and promotion of corporate culture, they even classify corporate culture as "a icing on the cake". But we still see that many savvy practitioners have harvested fruitful fruits in the construction and rebuilding of corporate culture through unremitting efforts.


Summarizing a large number of corporate cases, we can say without a doubt: corporate culture is an effective management tool, and can be improved or perfected through continuous construction. Those managers who return in vain in the construction of corporate culture and then produce complaints often lack the correct understanding of corporate culture and fall into the cultural misunderstanding. A few common problems in corporate culture construction are summarized as follows:


I. Cultural construction is separated from the actual situation of the enterprise

Many entrepreneurs do not understand employees, lack systematic thinking about management, and even do not know what they want. They also lack in-depth research on modern management concepts and management philosophy. When they look at the corporate culture of others, they try to copy it. A few fashionable slogans have been carried out blindly to promote the mismatch between culture and the actual situation of the company. The result is that the culture is ineffective, nobody cares, or culture and work conflict, which not only fails to promote the development of the enterprise, but also It has even become a constraint on the development of enterprises.


Corporate culture is a management science and management art. Each enterprise is engaged in different industries, different regions, different talent structures, different corporate management concepts, and the focus of corporate culture must be different. Renyun Yiyun's corporate culture construction not only loses the individuality of the enterprise, but also sometimes causes the embarrassment of being in the wrong place.


Second, a single means, the propaganda as all the promotion

Many companies lack the talents for corporate culture construction, they are not familiar with the various strategies and methods of corporate culture construction, and use propaganda as the only weapon. After spreading the word to the ground, they find that there is no change and they die out.


Corporate culture construction is a systematic project that requires a series of actions such as propaganda, learning, assessment, supervision, and incentives to be effective in order to be effective. Taking only one of them will inevitably lead to a weak strength and result in insufficient effect.


Third, the misunderstanding of entrepreneurs

The bosses or CEOs of multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises all have some misunderstandings in the construction of corporate culture, but their expressions are different.


The parent company of a multinational company generally has a very strong corporate culture, and the things that a subsidiary can do are generally copying or transplanting. However, the geopolitical culture of each country and region is different. Enterprises are part of society and will be affected by the country and region in which they are located. Therefore, the copy-type cultural implantation will definitely be resisted by the staff of the subsidiary, and sometimes even a great conflict will occur. .

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Entrepreneurs in state-owned enterprises are not short-sighted. Some of them attach great importance to the construction of corporate culture. Whether it is an external expert or an internal one, it is costly, but the effect is limited and it is difficult to last because everyone knows that “a "Chaotianzi and a courtier", changed the chairman, and cultural construction had to start again.


Private entrepreneurs have more grassroots, and the pragmatism of cultural construction is widespread. Everything must be immediate. Most entrepreneurs have a limited understanding of corporate culture. They believe that with a few slogans, several activities, and a few mottoes, employees should achieve "Datong" in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise.


Fourth, the inherent deficiencies of the cultural system

Cultural things have to do with some cultural heritage. Generally speaking, the construction of corporate culture requires cultural introduction. The cultivation of seeds and the effects of the introduction can be imagined. However, since the Huawei Basic Law and the OCT Charter, there are not many ideas systems, behavior systems, and material systems that can really refresh people with profound corporate culture implications. Some are uniform, Eastern-style imitations, superficial, old-fashioned. Cultural description, outdated, lack of innovative communication methods, etc., the entire cultural system lacks tension, lacks the cultural personality that is closely related to the company where it is located, is not profound, so it has no penetrating power, and without penetrating power, the cultural root system is underdeveloped, inherently insufficient, Acquired disorders can be imagined.


V. Cultural Cognition Deviation

The construction of corporate culture is a strategic measure, a lasting project, an action that only starts and does not end, and it is also a pragmatic management task that requires wisdom and skills. It is not easy to implant a brand-new cultural gene into the "blood" of employees' thoughts. In a sense, the relevant departments of the enterprise need to pay even more hardships than ordinary business management activities. Only in this way can the cultural project be done well and solidly. It is impossible to achieve results by arrogating, embarrassing, and tasting, but few companies understand this.

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