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Today, JZ summarizes the commonly used H5 third-party platforms visible in China, covering H5 interactive design, H5 animation production, H5 game production, H5 poster creation, PSD one-click to H5 and other practical skills, and involves less code Even zero code to help your team and business get up and running quickly!

The following order is relatively random, and there is really no advertising fee. The listed products are troublesome. Do n’t tell us that we are at the top!

"Top echelon tools"

1.Epub360 Italian

Professional H5 Interactive Design Tool

PPT-type logic operation interface, so it is easy for most people to get started. In the early years, JZ was already used when this product was still used to make web magazines, and the product was highly mature. Now it covers WeChat photos, interactive forms, comment components, gravity sensors, panoramas, SVG and other special interactive components. In the hands of professional designers, you can directly achieve the advertising-level H5 that is enough to put in the circle of friends information! Animation专业级动画控制器,支持路径动画、组合动画、序列动画及动画时序管理,也包括缓动函数的自由选择; Interactive 丰富的触发交互,手势、重力感应、参数变量、全景; JsSDK 尽情使用微信高级接口,身份认证、微信拍照、录音,无需编程信手拈来 Three unique features: Animation professional-level animation controller, supporting path animation, combined animation, sequence animation and animation timing management, also including the free selection of easing functions; Interactive rich trigger interaction, gestures, gravity sensing, parameter variables, Panorama; JsSDK makes full use of WeChat advanced interface, identity authentication, WeChat photos and recording, no programming required


5交互设计工具 Professional H 5 Interaction Design Tool

PS-type logical operation interface, layering the concept of PAGE, suitable for designers. The tool was originally called Vxplo. Four or five years ago, a large number of PC horizontal animations were created. This year, when the mobile H5 business is getting better, the domain names have been moved. It is currently the only platform that supports uploading of pictures (JPG, GIF, ZIP, PSD, etc.), audio and video, and web pages.

Some features include: (1) drawing (2) banner (3) intelligent speech recognition (4) axis animation (5) response device (6) cross-screen interaction, etc., also supports red envelopes, payment, recording, photo upload , Get WeChat functions such as user personal information.

3. Clogs

5交互动画制作云平台 Professional-grade H 5 interactive animation production cloud platform

拥有强大动画编辑能力,可以做轴动画和变形动画,方便制作发布、帐号管理、协同工作、数据收集等。 It is also a PS-type logical operation interface, but the concept of "timeline" is more prominent. It can be seen that it focuses on HTML5 animation rendering. Therefore, it has strong animation editing capabilities and can do axis animation and deformation animation. Collect etc.

Using the tutorial is interactive, which may mean that you will not start teaching until you trigger the tool. Of course, some users find it very vivid and clear guidance; some users find it difficult to get started.


Adobe Dad's Products

社交场景、网页故事、动画视频。 The eternal worship brand in the designer ’s mind has launched the Spark series to fancy develop various social scenes, web stories, and animated videos for a variety of zero-based noobs . And this indescribable product also has an H5-style creative tool on the App Store, and the effect is amazing.

The first three recommended tools are based on a PC to produce high-quality works, and Spark may be the only tool approved by JZ to complete the top H5 magazine design on the mobile terminal. The key technical highlight is the linkage of all elements. No matter what elements you upload in the app, they will change synchronously with each other as you drag your fingers, so a high-end style of foreign-funded enterprises comes out.

Linkage is a sense of dynamics that is difficult for most Chinese designers to have, so the style of work produced by Spark has a very distinctive international style, but its flaw is that the finished H5 load is very, very, very, very, very slow! But if your team and company have a global business, JZ thinks Spark is the best choice.

5. Sohu Express Station

Enterprise mobile marketing scene making tool

When the release needs to be reviewed by Sohu, the overall level of works born on this platform is far higher than that of H5 in the same industry. After Sohu's review, Sohu will also take part in the distribution of traffic. Enterprises can even choose to rely on Sohu's media channels for promotion.

When operating on the PC side, although its design tools are not as rich as the first three, they are far more than MAKA-type entry-level tools. And its templates are also very rich, which is very suitable for companies to use in the premise of conferences, exhibitions, training, etc. without excessive marketing orientation.

6.wind chimes

Tencent's official H5 scene maker

Fengling is the son of Tencent, and it is bundled behind the QQ public number platform. As shown in the picture is the QQ public account background of JZ (see that it is not a WeChat public account), which contains the entrance of the wind chime station. Since it was born by Tencent, JZ also classified it as the first echelon, and although few people know it, the template style effect is very good.

Similar to Sohu Express, wind chime H5 is still very suitable in enterprise-level scenarios, and the operation is simple and easy to get started.

"Top Echelon Tools"

q pet big music fighting skills 7. Screen

Professional designer H5 creation and promotion platform

The biggest feature of the first echelon is not only that it is difficult to use, but also that it has more performance on the "interaction" level. The general feature of the second echelon is that the completion of a "WeChat version of PPT" is similar to that, which can easily cause users' aesthetic fatigue.

This type of tool operation interface is often the same, so I won't go into details, and the reader may wish to try it by themselves. The "screen" is one of the relatively better products.

8.ME Micro Magazine

The most creative H5 tools

Provide massive template library, background music library, dynamic effects and data statistics functions.

9. Rabbit Show

PSD to H5

The threshold is extremely low and easy to understand.


Make H5 as easy as writing a PPT

11. Cloud Application Scenarios

Domestic old-fashioned H5 tools


Business and personal display tools

Data chart effect is pleasantly surprised

13. Yi Qixiu

Suitable for enterprises to build entry works

Some paid features are worth a try

14.Blue Oatmeal

Good helper for small and medium enterprises H5

15.Baidu H5

Behaves quite well

But the server is definitely reliable

Of course, there are many easy-to-use H5 tools such as Yunqi · Beginning Page, The Coolest Net, Happy Kai. No matter which tool you use, finding the one that works for you is the best!

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