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2017 German LPKF Laser Plastic Welding and Circuit Board Sub-board Cutting Innovative Technology Symposium Suzhou Station Ended Perfectly

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With the development of new technologies, customers ’expectations for new applications and the increasing demand for industry standards, high-efficiency production capacity and innovative solutions have become the source of power for the development of enterprises. The two departments of the company's laser plastic welding and circuit board sub-board cutting successfully co-hosted an innovative technology seminar for the consumer electronics field. This time the customer will attract many important guests.

In this seminar, we showed the latest model of laser plastic welding, Inline Weld 6200, to perform feasibility tests on customers' existing projects, and use TMG3 to test the laser transmittance of samples. 采用传送带自动上下料方式,并且高度集成了 MES 系统,该系统除了可以读取二维码或者条形码信息跟中央 Server 进行沟通,还可以在不同的材料上写二维码或者条形码。 In addition, we also showed the LPKF online laser cutting system MicroLine 2820Ci, which uses a conveyor to automatically load and unload materials, and is highly integrated with the MES system. In addition to reading the QR code or barcode information to communicate with the central server , it can also Write QR codes or barcodes on different materials.

The entire event LPKF introduced the current product attributes and value services provided to customers, expanded new ideas for customers, and started discussions with guests at the scene. Use LPKF's industry experience in the laser field to provide customers with the most suitable solution. In addition, LPKF also introduced the latest ML5000 circuit board drilling and cutting series and LDS laser direct molding technology, so that customers have a more comprehensive understanding of LPKF technology.

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