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Did you catch the profit point of the order?

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Some people say that the profit of the restaurant depends on the chef, and the chef's dishes are delicious, so as to attract and retain the guests;

Some people say that hotel profit depends on marketing, marketing strategy is done, and business is not much worse;

However, most people overlook the role of waiters. why? Because most people think that the waiter is only responsible for ordering and transferring dishes!

As everyone knows, the waiter is the person who directly contacts the customer. The waiter's words will directly affect the customer's consumption situation in your hotel.

So, a professional and well-trained waiter can greatly increase your hotel's turnover!

So, how to train highly professional waiters to improve the profitability of a la carte? Here are ten tips to help you.

1. Third party introduction method:

Do n’t say "This is the best in our restaurant" when selling dishes to guests-guests will think "you say that you are good", but say "This dish is the best reflected by our guests recently!" — —This way you become a third party, more credible and persuasive.

2. Image anatomy introduction method:

Use vivid and vivid language to visualize and materialize the dishes, so that guests can imagine. For example: "Our lobster dish is served with golden tripod, accompanied by the dry ice mist, like Tengyun driving the fog, very imposing. One dish occupies half a table, and the treat is particularly respectful."

3. The method of producing tense air:

"The ingredients for this dish are particularly difficult to buy, because they are wild and can only be bought by seaside rushers. If you want to order first, I will ask the kitchen if there are any ingredients. If not, you can change another one. "

4. Intimacy:

"Mr. Liu, you still taught us how to make this dish! After you told us the recipe last time, the chefs made it according to the recipe you said. This will not be launched on the market today. Please help us check it again and see Seeing it right ... "

5. Comparative introduction method:

Guest: "Why is your dish so expensive? Other places 68, you sell 88!" Orderer: "Mr. Liu, please try it first. It will definitely taste different. We also have a 48 yuan serving here. It looks the same, but you know that the ingredients are very different when you eat it. "— Speak to the customer, then turn to explain.

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6. Speed win method:

"Mr. Liu, the dishes you just ordered are all 'big dishes'. It will take a long time. You might as well order them immediately. You can eat them first. You can serve this dish in 5 minutes ..."

7. Multiple choice questions for guests:

For example, when customers look at seafood shrimp, do n’t ask, “Would you like to have a shrimp?” Instead, say, “Do you want a shrimp or a shrimp?” Then guide again: “The practice of climbing shrimp is unique here. "

8. Borrower law:

For example: The guests praised our dish for being the best. Do you want to have one?

观察: 9. Observe carefully :

Pay attention to the guests' eyes when ordering. When the guests look at the dish, the orderer must make a timely introduction. This kind of sales makes it easier for customers to order naturally.

10. Special population care method:

When ordering, don't forget the children, ladies and the elderly. Ordering their favorite dishes often makes the whole table icing on the cake, and such dishes generally have a higher gross profit.

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