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Opal and Moonstone Are you sure you can distinguish correctly?

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In order to increase the value and selling point of opal, many people in the market confuse it with moonstone. Opal is not a concept with moonstone, opal is not moonstone. The color of the opal can change with the intensity of the optical fiber or the angle of the light. This is the color changing effect of the opal, which is very magical. It is also one of the reasons why it can be used for several moonstones.

Opal is a natural hardened silica gel with 5-10% moisture. Opal is different from most gems and belongs to amorphous type. Due to the loss of water in the gem, it gradually becomes dry and cracks appear. Opal is an opal in mineralogy. It is a gem with a color change effect. It is a kind of water-containing amorphous silicon dioxide.

Opal is not moonstone. The surface of the opal is delicate and smooth, but it is opaque. The surface of the moonstone is slightly rough, but it is transparent in moonlight.

The essential difference between opal and moonstone

Opal: Folk saying that placing opals in the workplace, counters, safes, etc., helps to accumulate wealth. Allowing opals to receive more moonlight can increase the wearer's popularity, be gentle, soft and popular. Representative origin: Australia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil. Opal does not have a certain shape, and the fracture is shell-shaped. It is mainly formed by colloidal precipitation of silicon dioxide. If it is precipitated in biological remains, it forms "treeized jade", and it deposits in conch remains, it forms "spiralized jade" .


Moonstone: People can imagine the soft moonlight, exuding the romantic atmosphere, is the best lovers and exchange tokens for friends; for friends without partners, it is easy to attract beautiful romantic love like moonlight, also known as "lover Stone. " Representative origin: Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States. Because orthoclase dissolves sodium feldspar, sodium feldspar is oriented in the orthoclase crystal. The layered crystals of the two types of feldspar intersect in parallel with each other. The refractive index is slightly different and interference colors appear.


The difference between opal and moonstone

The role of opal

(1). It helps to distribute personal charm and demeanor, inspire inspiration, imagination and rich creativity. Suitable for entertainers, politicians, art creators, salespersons and insurance practitioners, etc.

(2). It helps to cultivate extraordinary vision, broad mind and extraordinary taste, and can formulate unique strategies and implement them.

(3). Placing opals in workplaces, counters, safes, etc., helps to accumulate wealth.

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(4). Allowing opals to accept more moonlight can increase the popularity of the wearer, which is mild, soft and popular.

(5). It helps to increase the vitality of the body, the power of psychic power and the power of prayer, and increase the attraction to the opposite sex.

The role of moonstone

(1). The soft moonlight exudes the romantic atmosphere, which is the best lovers and exchange tokens for couples; for friends without a partner, it is easy to attract beautiful romantic love like moonlight, also known as "lover's stone" .  

(2). According to legend, if couples are awkward, have quarrels, or during the Cold War, as long as the other party ’s moonstone can meet again and each other's energy blends again, they can be as good as ever.

(3). For ladies who are too outspoken, their words, behaviors, and manners are often too obscure, regardless of the occasion and atmosphere. Wearing moonstone ornaments can improve the temperament from the inside to the outside, so as to bring calmness and elegance temperament.

(4). Put the moonstone under the pillow to help you sleep peacefully, have good dreams every night, and get a full rest.

(5). It is said to be effective for the prevention of cancer, but also to prevent diseases such as edema, and has a balance effect on women's endocrine system, which can improve fertility and relieve physical pain.

(6). Because it can strengthen the ability to predict the future, it is called "the stone of prophecy and perspective." Because it can protect the traveler, it is also called "the stone of travellers."

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