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World Comment Mu Commentary 3

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World Comment Mu Commentary 3


郭林宗至汝南造袁奉高,车不停轨,鸾不辍轭。 3 Guo Linzong and Runan made Yuan Fenggao. 叔 Uncle Huang, is the day of faith. People ask why? Lin Zong said: "Uncle Du Wangwang is like a thousand hectares of urn. Cheng is not clear, and the disturbance is not turbid.


Make: Visit. 读如饿) 驾车时搁在牛马颈上的曲木。 Yoke ( read as hungry) : The bent wood resting on the neck of a horse or horse when driving. 诣 (Read Ruyi): Yes, especially to the Supreme Master . Mi day: all day. Xinxu: A letter originally refers to a two-night stay, and a night (read as a vegetarian) means overnight. 陂 (read as a cup): pond.


When you see the third piece of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu", you will wonder that the first three stories seem to have been copied from the "Han Han Shu". Or, conversely, almost everything in "The New Words of the World" has been copied into the "Hou Han Shu". Liu Yiqing was born in 403 and died in 444; Fan Ye was born five years earlier than him and died a year later. These are two people of the same age, living almost in the same age. Although Fan Ye wrote the "Hou Han Book", it was nearly ten years earlier than Liu Yiqing's "Shi Shuo Xin Yu", but until Fan Ye was killed for his crimes, The "Han Han Book" is not yet finished. That being said, no one can copy. There is only one explanation for this phenomenon: they share many of the same sources. Liu Xiaobiao's note and other posters' comments are doing this kind of research work, but their research object is only "Shi Shuo Xin Yu", and no similar research has been seen in "Hou Han Shu".

When you read the third piece of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu", you will also find that these 1130 stories look like scattered beads. In fact, some beads have a clever relationship, at least the first three are like this . The first was written by Chen Fan, and the second was written by Huang Xian, but Zhou Cheng commented on Huang Xian, which Chen Fan and Zhou Cheng both said, and there was a natural connection. The third one is written by Huang Xian. This story is found in the Book of Later Han Dynasty · Huang Xian Biography, and it is immediately after the second story. Obviously there is a connection. It can be seen that the authors of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" not only paid attention to the classification of content and types in the evaluation of the characters, but also paid attention to the connection between the primary and secondary and the top and bottom of the sequence. In this sense, there is an organic connection between the content of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu".

This one concerns three people: Guo Tai, Yuan Zhen, and Huang Xian. Huang Xian is the object of the review, Guo Tai is the reviewer, Yuan Yuan is the foil.

东汉名士,与许劭并称 许郭 Let's talk about the critic Guo Tai (Guo Linzong), a famous man from the Eastern Han Dynasty, and Xu Xu, and he is called " Xu Guo " . 大丈夫焉能处斗筲之役乎? ”斗和筲都是很小的容器,通常用来比喻气量狭小和才识短浅。 He lost his father in his early years, and was dependent on his mother. His family was poor. His mother wanted Guo Tai to go to the county to do things. He said, "Is my eldest husband able to fight the fighting? " Dou and Wu are small containers, usually The metaphor is narrow and short-sighted. "Battle of the Doo" should mean that this battle is extremely lowly. Fan Ye wrote this in the Book of the Later Han Dynasty in an attempt to show that Guo Tai was determined to be ambitious, but he was also suspected of not following his mother's life and violating filial piety. Because you Guo Tai can be at ease, but you should not involve your mother in poverty and suffering. 岁时他在屈伯彦学舍游学,历时三年,据司马彪《续汉书》记载,食不裹腹,衣不遮体,却自得其乐。 At the age of 20 , he traveled to Qu Boyan's study hall for three years. According to Sima Biao's "Continuation of the Han Book", he could not eat without covering his belly and covering his body, but he enjoyed himself. Similarly, I don't know what kind of life his mother is living. 因此名重洛阳,被太学生推为领袖。 Shihlin leader Li Min first saw him and said, "I have seen many scholars, but not like Guo Tai." Because of this, he was renamed Luoyang, and was promoted to be a leader by Tai students. In addition, he is eight feet long, with a magnificent appearance and a broadcoming group of books, and is good at speaking. It is said that not only the mouth is lingering, but also the sound is loud. After the first scourge of the party, the scholars were hailed as one of the "eight visits." 东汉选拔人材的一种科目。 Therefore, he was once regarded as "youdao" by too often Zhao Dian, and " youdao" is a subject selected by Eastern Han Dynasty . Later generations called him "Guo Youdao". At that time, Guo Tai was advised to be an official. He said: "I observe the sky at night and inspect the world during the day. The sky will collapse and no one will be able to support it." The government's repeated calls were rejected. Someone once asked the celebrity Fan Ye: "What kind of person is Guo Linzong?" Fan Ye said, "When living in seclusion, I can not violate my mother's intentions like meson push, and I can be as loyal and unpretentious as Liu Xiahui when I go out. Opportunities made him a courtier, and the princes did not have the opportunity to be friends with him. As for the others, I don't know. "The so-called" does not violate mother's will "is somewhat false. Being loyal to filial piety cannot be complete, nor can "Qing" and filial piety be complete. 秀立高峙,澹然渊停。九州岛之士,悉凛凛宗仰,以为覆盖”。 When Guo Tai ignored the filial piety for the sake of self-cleansing, he got a very high reputation, the so-called " Xiu Li Gao Gao, Sui Yuanyuan stopped. Scholars of Kyushu Island, Xi Zongyang, thought to cover" . 既可以表现得很有担当,游太学时,针对宦官专权,偕同太学生,编顺口溜,褒贬朝臣,致使“公卿以下”均惧其贬议而不敢登太学之门; 又善于保护自己,不作激切之论,党锢之祸时,他和名士袁阆,也就是待会儿就要论及的陪衬者,得以幸免。 With this capital, he can collect freely and have more than enough advancement and retreat: he can show a lot of responsibility. When he was studying in Taitai, he aimed at the eunuch ’s monopoly, with his students, editing his mouth, and depreciating the courtiers, causing "below the public secretary" to fear his derogation without Dare to climb the door of Taixue; he is also good at protecting himself and not making radical discussions. When the party scourge happened, he and celebrity Yuan Xun, the escorts who will be discussed later, were spared. Since then, Guo Tai has been teaching behind closed doors, with thousands of students. 极富同情心,即使所谓的“不仁之人”,也竭诚给予帮助。 In the years since then, he has been extremely compassionate, and he is willing to help even the so-called "inhumane". One of his students was Zuo Yuan, who was rejected for breaking the law and was depressed. Guo Tai set up wine treats, using Gu Xian as a metaphor to persuade him to reflect. Some people sneered at his association with the wicked. After hearing this, Guo Tai sighed: "It is necessary to persuade the good of such a person. If you alienate and hate it, it is tantamount to promoting evil." Later, her mother died, and Guo Tai won the reputation of filial piety during her mourning. Wen Zhimou's official was defeated and killed, mourning more than enough, so that the following year the first month, forty-two years old. Historical records record that nearly 10,000 people came to the funeral at that time, carrying boxes and carrying burdens that stretched for two thousand miles and blocked the road. Cai Yi personally wrote an inscription for him, which was highly rated. After writing, he also said to others, "I have written many inscriptions, but I am a bit ashamed for having too many beautiful words. Only Guo Youdao's monument has no shame. "According to the" Records of the Collected Sages of the Sages ", Cao Yue was the prime minister and the king of Wei, and he had listed twenty-four people such as Guo Tai as twenty-four. According to "Taiping Huanyuji", Zhou Wudi removed the world monument from time to time, and only Guo Tai monument was reserved by Xia. It shows that his influence has a long history.

Besides, he was the Yuan Yuan who was spared with Guo Tai during the disaster of the party puppet. He and Huang Xian are young and both are from Shenyang; they belong to the same party as Guo Tai and have recommended Chen Fan. Now that he is eligible to become the backing of Huang Xian, Yuan Zhen is not a casual person. 《世说新语 ·德行》里,或者是旁观的品评者,或者是可怜的陪衬,当一回主角的机会都没有。 However, like Guo Tai, in "The New Words and Virtue in the World", he is either a bystander of comment or a poor foil. There is no chance to be a protagonist. What the editors of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" used as the selection criteria for "morality" is a bit puzzling. But with such appraisers and foils, the appraised characters are naturally extraordinary, which is an indisputable fact.

The last one was written by Huang Xian, Zhou Cheng used himself as a foil; this one was written by Huang Xian, and Guo Tai was accompanied by Yuan Zheng. When visiting Yuan Yuan, Guo Tai's car didn't stop, and the bell on the horse's head was still ringing, so he hurried away. This is a bit exaggerated, and the stay is very short. In contrast, when visiting Huang Xian, Guo Tai not only stayed for a day, but also stayed two nights. Someone asked: what is the reason for this? Guo Tai made an analogy: "Huang Xian looks like a mighty man. He looks like a huge pond, unclear and confusing. The depth of the measurement is beyond measure." Stopped for one day and lived for two nights The daring is because Huang Xian is inscrutable and time-consuming to measure. So what about Yuan Zheng? Why is your stay so short? There is no word here, as if it is self-evident. There is a person named Xue Gongzu who once asked Guo Tai about this issue. Guo Tai's answer was: "Yuan Zhen's measurement seems like a stream, although it is clear, it is easy to get up."

Comparing the two, Huang Xian's image of the dragon is suddenly tall.

Taodu City Hall

One after another wrote Huang Xian. This treatment was too high for Guo Tai. But what's incredible is that Guo Tai's story is so many, so moving, but he can't enter the chapter of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu · Xue Xing". Regarding Huang Xian's behavior, all the historical and historical notes are filled with some big and improper, no traceable indirect There are no real and descriptive descriptive descriptions, but two of them have been tirelessly described by the editors of "Shi Shuo Xin Yu". There is a lot of fun between light and heavy.


正月初六上午8点40分草于学士书房 2017/2 / 2The sixth day of the first month of the first month at 8:40 a.m. in the bachelor's study

月13日夜改于上海虹桥锦江之星酒店 On the night of March 13th, it was changed to Shanghai Hongqiao Jinjiang Star Hotel


《續漢書》:“郭泰字林宗,太原介休人。泰少孤,年二十,行學至成皋,屈伯彥精廬。乏食,衣不蓋形,而處約味道,不改其樂。李元禮一見稱之曰:'吾見士多矣,無如林宗者也。'及卒,蔡伯喈為作碑,曰:'吾為人作銘,未嘗不有慚容,唯為郭有道碑頌無愧耳。'初,以有道君子徵。泰曰:'吾觀乾象人事,天之所廢不可支也。'遂辭以疾。” "Continued Han Book": "Guo Tai Zi Lin Zong, Taiyuan Jiexiu people. Tai Shaogu, 20 years old, studied to Cheng Yi, Qu Boyan Jinglu. Lack of food, clothes do not cover shape, but treat the taste, not Change his music. At first sight, Li Yuanli said: 'I see a lot of people, but there is no one like Lin Zong.' When he died, Cai Bozhen wrote a monument, saying: 'I write a name for others. Only Guo Youdao's monument is worthy of praise. 'In the beginning, a gentleman was enlisted. Tai said:' I watch the Qianxiang personnel, and the ruins of the sky cannot be overwhelmed. '

《汝南先賢傳》:“袁宏字奉高,慎陽人。友黃叔度於童齒,薦陳仲舉於家巷。辟太尉掾,卒。” "Runan Xianxian Biography": "Yuan Hong's character is high, Shenyang people. Uncle Huang is a child, and recommends Chen Zhongju to his home alley. He is a puppet guard, and died."

《郭泰別傳》:“薛恭祖問之,泰曰:'奉高之器,譬諸汎濫,雖清易挹也。'” "Biography of Guo Tai": "Xue Gongzu asked, Tai said: 'Feng Gao's instruments, such as flooding, although clear and easy.'"

《太平 廣記》卷一百六十九引世說:“郭泰秀立高峙,澹然淵停。九州之士,悉凜凜宗仰,以為覆蓋。” "Taiping Guangji " volume 169 quoted the world: "Guo Taixiu stood tall, and Suiyuanyuan stopped. Scholars from Kyushu, Xi Zongyang thought it was covered."

寰宇記》四十一:“周武帝時除天下碑,唯林宗碑,詔特留。” ● " World Book of Fortune" forty-one: "When Emperor Zhou Wu ruled the world monument, only Lin Zongbei, Xun special stay."

范晔《后汉书 ·郭泰列传》:郭太,字林宗,太原界休人也。 Fan Ye's Biography of Later Han Dynasty · Guo Tai Biographies: Guo Tai, the character Lin Zong, Taiyuan Jie Xieren also. Poor family. Early orphan, the mother wanted to make things happen to the county court, Lin Zong said: "Is my husband able to fight the battle?" He then resigned. Become a student of Qu Boyan, and after graduating from three years, Broadcom's grave. Good at talking, beautiful sound.

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