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Notice on Holding the 6th Nanjing Normal University Teachers' Teaching Basic Skills Contest

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The 6th Jiangsu Provincial Normal University Students' Teaching Basic Skills Contest (sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education) will be held in November 2017. In order to make our school's participation work in an orderly manner, the related matters of the school-level competition are notified as follows:

I. Meaning of purpose

A century-long plan, education-oriented, education-oriented, teacher-oriented, and training of high-quality teacher talents are the basic prerequisites for better and stronger teacher education. Teachers' basic skills in teaching are the basic qualities of teachers and an important guarantee for improving the quality of teaching. A basic student teaching contest was held to promote teacher education reform, innovate teacher training models, strengthen teaching practice links, and improve the teaching skills and level of new teachers.

Organization of the competition

Organizer: Academic Affairs Office, South Normal University

Organizer: School of Teacher Education

Co-organizers: College of Educational Science, College of Music, College of Sports Science, College of Fine Arts, College of Arts, College of Mathematical Sciences, College of Foreign Languages, College of Physical Science and Technology, College of Chemistry and Materials Science, College of Life Science, College of Public Management, College of Social Development, School of Geographical Sciences, School of Computer Science and Technology


Participants are all teachers and students of our university in 2014.

4. Subjects and participants

1. Subjects

(1) Middle school education group: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History, Geography, Information Technology (Computer Science and Technology and Educational Technology majors all participate in this discipline competition)

(2) Artistic education group: music, sports, art

(3) Primary education group: Chinese, Mathematics

(4) Preschool education group: preschool education

2. Number of participants

All majors can be selected through on-site competitions, video review or selection, etc. In the end, 5 outstanding players from each major are selected to participate in the school finals.

V. Competition time

The professional selection time is before April 20th, and the school finals are before May 10th; the specific time, place and content of the school finals will be notified separately.

Related requirements

1. All relevant colleges should take the competition as an opportunity to focus on the goal of creating high-quality professional teachers, adhere to the principle of educating people, innovate the teacher training model, strengthen the practical links, and use basic teaching training and education teaching practices as a guarantee to improve the quality of teacher education. Focus on improving the learning ability, innovation ability and practical ability of normal students.

When will Ruan Zhuan be broadcast?

2. All relevant colleges should organize the basic teaching skills competition of the college in accordance with the principle of everyone participating in the 2014 normal students, and send the list of contestants participating in the school finals to 13813810550@139.com before 17:00 on April 20.

Contact: Li Yuan 13813810550

Academic Office

April 1, 2017

Reprinted from the Teaching Affairs Office of Nanjing Normal University

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