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The home is small. Where should I put my washing machine?

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Many friends say that the small washing machine in the home has no floor

Actually wanting a beautiful home with practical functions

I tell you

Actually we can do this

If the location of the washing machine in the decoration is reasonable, it will not only save space and ease of use, but also be pleasing to the eye, and will not destroy the harmony of the overall decoration style.

The toilet is the easiest place to think

Washbasin cabinet with washing machine

If the vanity cabinet is customized, you can consider the location of the washing machine

If it is a villa, it is not an exaggeration to have a laundry room

If it is a duplex, it can effectively use the space under the stairs

The kitchen is also an option for washing machines

Because the kitchen also has water, it's easy to arrange water and drainage

General bathroom space is small, you can consider the kitchen

Kitchen washing machines should be popular in British apartments

If there is enough space in the house, there should be no kitchen

May not be suitable for a fume-heavy Chinese kitchen

Suitable for families with little cooking


The most suitable one should be a balcony

Because after washing it can just be dried

There is usually a laundry counter, which is also convenient for hand washing

Make a partition to put things neatly and beautifully

Of course, if you leave it alone,

If you put a balcony, the main thing is to connect the water pipes when doing water and electricity.

If you want to put a washing machine in the laundry cabinet, it is best to choose the model in advance to know the size

If you can make a cabinet, you can also put some washing supplies

If you are afraid that the bathroom floor will affect the washing machine, you can also raise it properly.

The countertop is extended and combined with the washing machine, which solves the problem of placing the washing machine and ensures the space for the items

Designing a basket or rattan basket to improve practicality

The location next to the shower room is also ideal for washing machines

Pay attention to storage, washing machine is embedded in the counter, convenient and practical.

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