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Why is the 3D holographic ballroom a trend in the future? (One)

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When talking about the wedding industry, the first word that ordinary people must think of is "wedding company".

I have to say that the wedding company's image as a "handleman" in the wedding industry is deeply rooted. 为婚庆公司=婚庆行业, 这实际上是一个错误的认识。 Many people even think that wedding company = wedding industry, this is actually a misunderstanding.

The wedding industry is also called the wedding consumption industry. It is a collection of various industries that provide a series of products and comprehensive services for newlyweds in the family life cycle (including pre-marital preparation, wedding celebrations, honeymoon after marriage, etc.). It is a traditional wedding that only focuses on wedding ceremony Extension and expansion of the industry. It can be said that the wedding industry is a industry with a long history and has been closely related to people's lives for a long time. With the increase of residents' income, the improvement of living standards and the influence of western foreign cultures, the wedding industry is developing towards specialization, industrialization and modernization.


As the saying goes, "I can't eat hot tofu"

The wedding industry is the same

1. Rapid development brings many problems for industrial enterprises themselves

2. Affected by national policies and national economic level

3. Changes in consumer demand

And so on

更加激烈的竞争 Caused the wedding industry will face more intense competition in the future

Difficulties and hopes, challenges and opportunities coexist

So how can companies in the wedding industry chain "kill out the siege" in the cruel market?

· Taking market changes as the basis and basis for model changes
Market demand declines, supply exceeds demand

Wedding market

The wedding industry has developed for 20 years, from the original family-style workshop to a formal company and even formed a complete industry system.

Especially after 2005 and 08, the wedding company has mushroomed into a period of rapid development. Because of the decline in the number of married people, the market supply-demand relationship has shifted from oversupply to oversupply in the early years, which has led to increased competition in the industry, making weddings more and more difficult.

But in fact, with the development of society, people's wealth has accumulated. 们还是愿意为了一个满意的婚礼支付不菲的费用。 People are still willing to pay a lot for a satisfactory wedding.


Wedding market moves towards "concentration and purification"

Wedding spending increases

We mentioned above that the wedding market is actually "shrinking", but the market is not "declining". Let's look at a set of data.

分重点城市婚礼消费情况 Wedding consumption in some key cities in 2016  

排在前三名的是上海、北京和杭州,单场婚礼消费能力价格是15.8万、13.7万、12.9万。 It can be seen that the top three are Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, and the price of a single wedding consumption capacity is 158,000, 137,000, and 129,000. In turn, there are Shenzhen, Qingdao, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Dalian and so on. This is a larger increase than the data of previous years. From a macro perspective, although the number of weddings is decreasing, the overall wedding spending power is increasing. This illustrates the development trend in the next few years.

The number of weddings will decrease and the scale will become smaller.

But the unit price of the wedding will increase, and the wedding will be more delicate, delicate and meticulous!

This situation arises because the main consumer groups in the wedding market have changed from "post-70s" to "post-90s", or even "post-00s" a few years later. For the "post-90s" generations with rich living conditions, a more open social atmosphere, and surrounded by online information, the traditional wedding has long been "out".

In this era of advocating individuality, what remains unchanged is the love vow of eachother, but the form of witnessing this love is like a meteor shower, constantly breaking through the night sky and revealing personality. 点”花样“来。 If you want to attract the "post-90s", you must come up with "fancy".

The perfect combination of technology and wedding

Holographic wedding is born

Yacht weddings, bar weddings, candlelight weddings, lawn weddings, church weddings, aerial weddings, submarine weddings, off-road weddings ... Most of these personalized weddings are just a gimmick, which is still traditional in nature.

In the traditional wedding layout, in order to achieve the effect of changing the background, LED screens are often used in combination with the scenery to change. But this change is always just a 2D change. With the development of technology, VR has appeared, although you can see stereoscopic 3D images while wearing VR glasses. But you can't always put on a pair of glasses when the guest enters the wedding. The holographic immersive banquet hall developed by Mr. Li Daoping, the chairman of Chengdu Xuanying Holographic Technology Co., Ltd. and the founder of China Holographic Wedding, perfectly solved this problem.

"Dazzling Holographic Immersive Ballroom"

The introduction of multiple holographic projection technologies in a banquet hall, together with top-level sound and lighting decoration, allows guests to see 3D stereoscopic images with only their naked eyes without any medium. Whether it is the beautiful and dreamy underwater world, the Gui Dian Lan Palace with carved dragons and phoenixes, or the simple and beautiful European-style castle ..... you can use holographic projection, sound and light, and dance props in the same banquet hall Combination to create the perfect scene in the mind for the newcomer.

Holographic wedding as a new type of disruptive wedding soon set off a wave in the country. The holographic wedding ceremony for the women's synchronized swimmers, Olympic champion Jiang Wenwen, and Jiang Tingting was designed by Li Daoping and his team.

Heaven and Earth Raiders

The banquet room's net profit quickly increased by at least 20%

Low investment and high return

1. The hotel puts equipment into the banquet hall without the need to build a large number of trusses, which will save a lot of labor costs.

2. Select the hotel's existing staff to set up the hotel's exclusive wedding department. As the hotel's own characteristics are better understood, the planning plan will be more in line with the implementation of the hotel.

3. In this way, guests will save the intermediate link of finding a wedding company when they host a wedding banquet in the hotel. The hotel will transfer the profits of the wedding company, construction company, and equipment rental company to the hotel itself.

Change the original single source of income and diversify operations.

的目标。 Easily achieve the goal of at least 20% increase in net profit .

The speed of following always exceeds the speed of breakthrough innovation, so the "holographic banquet halls" of various companies flood the market. But fish and dragons are mixed, and many consumers don't even know what holography is. How can they avoid being deceived?

All hardware facilities of Hyun Shadow Holographic 3D Immersive Ballroom are self-developed

1. Projection uses high-permeability holographic yarn, which has high transparency and good imaging effect. Not the "big white cloth" in the market. 效果比今年春晚还要好。 It is invisible when used, and the effect is better than this spring evening.

2. The professional executive team will design and decorate the hotel according to the hotel's own design, and never do a "big white wall". In the market, there are no pillars and roofless holographic banquet halls, but the company has no design team, and it is made into a "big white wall", which is convenient for downloading materials online and directly splicing.

3. The material used by Hyun Shadow belongs to the original of Hyun Shadow Holographic Design Team. 更可以根据客户需求定制素材。 Not only can it be adjusted according to the size of the banquet hall of the partner hotel, but it can also be customized according to customer needs. The fusion and decoding software is very fast.

4, the projector uses laser projection, no need to replace the bulb. Power failure can restart immediately to prevent the hotel from accidents during contract banquet events.

In addition, Hyun Shadow also has a "big killer"

Exclusive banquet room overall training service

The pros and cons of the equipment is the material basis for achieving the final effect of the banquet scene

The quality of service is the key factor in determining the level of a banquet. Vegetarian

Hyunying understands technology and understands banquets!

Ballroom overall training

Many hotels found themselves in a dilemma after introducing holographic ballrooms. Because they only know how to use the equipment, they have no idea about how to plan, execute and manage the banquet.

Not only did the investment cost not be recovered, but also the daily maintenance of the banquet hall.

独家 ”宴会厅整体培训“ 完美的解决了这个问题。 Hyun Shadow Hologram Exclusive "Ballroom Overall Training" perfectly solves this problem.

Attention! Not only holographic banquet halls can do training, ordinary banquet halls can also be trained ~

Friends of catering hotels must know that traditional catering hotels can be difficult. The promulgation of the eight central regulations has made it difficult to sustain high-end catering; the number of domestic hotels far exceeds the market demand, and the entire industry is close to saturation; the continuous "three highs and one low" and a single source of income are even worse.

Under the deadlock, it will not break. Catering hotels must find new breakthroughs, and the "big fat" wedding is an opportunity.

In daily operations, weddings for newcomers are mostly completed by hotels and wedding companies. The hotel is responsible for providing the venue and catering, and the wedding company provides the entire process, design and layout of the event. After a wedding, the hotel's net profit is only about 15%, and the hard work can only make "second-hand money." At present, there are only a handful of domestic hotels that understand banquet service, execution, set-up and etiquette. If the hotel can eliminate the wedding company and put the celebration revenue in its own pocket, then the net profit can be easily increased.

The general trend, dazzling holographic immersive banquet hall came into being

Perfect transformation for catering hotels into banquet service hotels

Paved a "Kangzhuang Avenue"

Hotels naturally have the advantage of resource integration. Whether customers first contact the studio, wedding company, or understand through the Internet platform, they will eventually go to the hotel for a banquet.

The only thing that can't be celebrated is the banquet venue.

专业的庆典服务体 Catering and hotel companies as the initial and final foothold of the celebration can easily achieve "cross-border robbery" and build their own professional celebration service system .

,教会宴会企业赚庆典的钱。 In this era of abundant resources and constantly broken commercial boundaries, Hyun Shadow Hollow is very happy to help catering and hotel companies achieve this goal, and increase the net profit of banquets at partner hotels by at least 20% .

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