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The road to safety in smart doors and windows

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Intelligent doors and windows may be a very strange term in the eyes of the masses. People's imagination of doors and windows may be limited. We can never imagine that doors and windows can be scientific and information-based. And Aichen boldly imagined and bravely realized this ideal, so that smart doors and windows began to enter some high-end commodity houses and shopping malls.

The road to safety in smart doors and windows

The intelligent doors and windows designed by Aichen are currently the first choice of supporting products for all high-end residential, large and medium-sized villas, and commercial office buildings.

remote control

The mobile phone can be used to remotely control the opening and closing of home windows and curtains.

Automatic wind and rain protection

Living at home and forgetting to close the windows is a common occurrence. Whenever it ’s windy or raining, it ’s hard to be outside. Now, this product can eliminate your concern. It is equipped with a weather sensor on the outside. When strong wind strikes or rain hits the sensor, the window will immediately close by itself, so you can go out without worry.

Emergency help

Fireline Elite Arsenal

If a bad person enters the room, an alarm signal can be sent immediately for help, and it can also be used for alarms for elderly people and children in accidents and acute illness at home.

Automatic gas control

When the gas, harmful gas and other signals are detected, the microcomputer in the intelligent controller automatically issues corresponding instructions to automatically open the windows and exhaust fans, at the same time emits a warning sound and transmits the warning to the owner's mobile phone and the security office.

At present, Aichen has set up two R & D design, sales centers and a large production base in the world, which are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Foshan, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. Integrating R & D, production, sales, installation and commissioning, and sales and service, it is a professional door and window manufacturer with a high starting point and strong R & D capabilities.

Naturally, the demand for smart door and window products is inevitable, but in the final analysis, it is the home's demand for security. And your needs are guarded by Aichen security doors and windows!

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