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Spring Wind Ten Miles

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The latest chapter of 纨 绔 世子 妃

2017年春检工作安全、有序、优质的进行,煤检中心在李军初主任的带领下,周密部署,采取有效措施,全力做好春检工作。 In order to ensure the safe, orderly and high-quality execution of the 2017 spring inspection, the Coal Inspection Center, under the leadership of Director Li Junchu, carefully deployed and took effective measures to do a good job of spring inspection. The Coal Inspection Center further strengthened the implementation of safety production rules and regulations and safety responsibilities, deepened the investigation and management of hidden dangers, increased the safety management and control at the sampling site for spring inspection, and ensured safe production.

Safety problems often occur. Spring inspection is to thoroughly investigate and rectify and eliminate every potential safety hazard. The department proposes to conduct self-examination and rectification in three major aspects: personnel training, equipment inspection, and operating environment. Of course, for the safety of each sampling position, it is necessary to carefully investigate and rectify.

staff training. Each sampler must undergo professional training from the department before being qualified to carry out sampling work. 开展了专项安全学习讨论会。 Sampling staff must keep safety in mind at all times and conduct special safety learning seminars on a regular basis .

Equipment inspection. The sampler is a large piece of equipment that every sampler will use. This device is related to the safety of equipment use and personal safety. Sampling work should be carried out to ensure the safety of the sampling area, and to ensure that no one is in the area, start sampling work. Ensure that each sensor of the sampler can be used normally to avoid damage to the sampling drill or equipment collision accident; set up safety reminder signs in time in the area of the sampler to prevent the sampler from being squeezed by personnel and causing important accidents

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Operating environment. There are a lot of outdoor work for sampling, especially the rainy and snowy weather environment is relatively bad, and the road surface is relatively wet. For our samplers, there are many hidden dangers in sampling and sending samples. 工作过程中要时刻谨记安全工作守则,最大程度上减少安全事故的发生。 The department requires that in the course of the work of the sampling class , we should always keep in mind the safe working rules to minimize the occurrence of safety accidents.

For our personal safety, we must start small and start small, and be responsible in sampling.

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