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Full Story: The Legend of Phoenix Terrace

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There is a Bailong Cave Mountain at the south end of Tailugou. Not far from Bailong Cave Mountain, there is a hill without a hill called Fenghuangtai. Is it called Taiwan instead of mountain? Here is a legend.

Since the Little White Dragon in the East China Sea went to Bailong Cave Mountain to practice, a Phoenix came from the south and wanted to live next to the Little White Dragon, so he could meet with him every day.

But there is no mountain to live next to Bailong Cave, and Phoenix wants to become a mountain as high as Bailong Cave Mountain. One day and night, the Phoenix fanned its wings and turned into a mountain. After a large change, the Phoenix was tired and fell to rest on a half of the mountain. That half of the mountain needs to be fanned three more times before it can change to the top of the mountain and be as high as Bailongdong Mountain. Who would have thought that a woman in a neighboring village was discharged from the hospital in the middle of the night, and when she saw the red fire in front of the village, she opened her throat and shouted: Hurry! Look! It's on the south! The phoenix was frightened and hid his head in his chest, turning into a mountain without a mountain.

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The mountain retains the appearance of a phoenix, and the stones on the mountain are all upside down, as if it were going to fall, in fact, it is the tail of the phoenix. People call this mountain without a mountain a phoenix platform, also called a high three platform. It means that you should call it a mountain if it is three tall.

It is said that the mountains outside the mouth are almost all changed by birds and beasts. They did not dare to see the phoenix at the first sight, so they are even more afraid. Therefore, there is no mountain on the dam.

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