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Vehicle accident handling method

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I often walk by the river. Driving all year round will inevitably encounter a sudden situation.

、爆胎 1 , flat tire

When a car's rear tire bursts, it will make the tail sway. At this time, you can repeatedly step on the brake pedal to move the car's center of gravity forward, and then stop the car slowly. Generally, most cars with rear tires will As a result, the steering will be out of control. As long as the measures are taken properly, accidents will not easily occur .

、水箱开锅 2 , the water tank opens

水箱开锅,一般是由于汽车长时间大油门低档行驶、冷却系水循环不畅、散热器散热不佳等原因引起的,这时可以将车停一会儿,等发动机 水箱冷却再走,但是千万不能用水浇降温,那样容易引起炸缸。 The engine water tank is turned on during driving , which is generally caused by the car driving at a large throttle and low gear for a long time, poor cooling water circulation, and poor heat dissipation of the radiator. At this time, you can stop the car for a while and wait for the engine water tank to cool before leaving. Never use water to cool down, as that will easily cause a fryer.

、汽油耗尽 3.Gas exhausted

The car ran out of gas during the driving process. This situation basically blame yourself, but you should know that the fuel in the fuel tank should be a little bit, and it will not be used completely. A thick, slender, short, and suitable plastic tube can be connected under the suction pipe of the crude oil tank. After the plastic pipe is connected, it is advisable to contact the bottom of the fuel tank, and the lower end of the plastic pipe should be cut into a bevel, and then the remaining fuel must be used to find the gas station as soon as possible.

、刹车进水 4 , brake water

( 盘式制动器 ) 与制动鼓或制动盘上的水分因摩擦产生的热量迅速蒸发掉,以尽快恢复制动器原有性能,这个过程一定要注意路面行车安全! After the car is washed or wading, the brake efficiency is reduced due to water in the brake, you can properly press the brake pedal while pressing the accelerator pedal while driving, and put the transmission in the mid-range running gear to let the wheel brake friction plates or friction The water on the block ( disc brake ) and the brake drum or brake disk quickly evaporates due to the heat generated by friction, in order to restore the original performance of the brake as soon as possible. In this process, we must pay attention to road safety!

Daquan Daquan

发动机 部件磨损 5 , engine parts wear

功率下降、油耗增加并伴有冒蓝烟现象时,很可能是发动机 活塞轴瓦等机件出现磨损,破坏了正常配合间隙,这时可使用发动机 修复剂,修复磨损间隙,增加活塞环气缸间密封性能,从而可以治理缸压降低,冲劲不足、动力减弱现象,迅速平衡缸压、减少高速抖。 When the engine power decreases, the fuel consumption increases, and the blue smoke phenomenon is accompanied, it is likely that the components such as the engine piston bearing pads are worn, which disrupts the normal fit clearance. At this time, the engine repair agent can be used to repair the wear clearance and increase the piston ring cylinder. Sealing performance, which can control the reduction of cylinder pressure, insufficient impulse and weakened power, quickly balance cylinder pressure and reduce high-speed jitter.

轮胎 漏气 6 , tire leak

漏气我们可以用更简便、更快捷的方法来解决,那就是使用快速轮胎 充气补漏剂。 We can solve the tire leak in a simpler and faster way, that is, use a fast tire inflation leak repair agent. 的破损处后,能够迅速地与周围的橡胶发生反应并凝固,从而堵住漏洞。 Quick leak repair agent is a special kind of polymer material. When it is blown to the damaged part of the tire , it can react with the surrounding rubber quickly and solidify, thus blocking the leak.


Of course, these are just a few quick measures for emergency response. Not all car owners will. Our car owners recommend that you call the service hotline for consultation immediately when they find that the car is abnormal.

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