www.hg711.com Jia Ling unlocked the new pose of "Baishangshangshen". Are you chasing this version of Baishang?

Jia Ling unlocked the new pose of "Baishangshangshen". Are you chasing this version of Baishang?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Moshang branch

The boom was booming. Overnight, the national and international ticket circles broke free from the major IPs, and began to watch the ten miles of peach blossoms in the outdoor Sansheng III in batches. )

In the days when the big power version of Bai Qian is far away, the fairy sister version of Bai Qian has not yet arrived, and I could only rely on the stills to satisfy the addiction of "Three Lives III", which was never expected! !! !! !!

Killed one halfway






The point is   的! It's beautiful !

的颜值我是 一直 盖章 认可 (Da Meiling 's face value is always stamped and approved )


Put on white yarn fairy fluttering there are wood there ↓↓↓

There is grace and music with the movement of music ↓↓↓

Agent Jay successfully ascended to become a true fairy ~~~

If there is really a Jia Ling version of Bai Qian, I swear I will chase!

Since it is to reproduce the big IP of "Three Lives and Three", of course, you can't let go of the classic lines. After all, Mr. Jia was also an avid girl who pursued dramas and did not forget to pursue dramas ~~~


…..不,attention! And Xiao Shenyang live to restore the classic lines of "Three Life"-you are my heart, you are my liver, you are my baby sweet ... No, attention!

“甜蜜饯儿”是 宝贝 甜面酱 Not "sweet candied fruit" is " baby sweet noodle sauce " ! !! !!

The baggage came so suddenly, it made people laugh so much that they could n’t help themselves ~ This bag was banged, a loud noise ~~~ The little raccoon in my hand was pulverized into a powder ~~~ I seemed to feel the new pair CP "cosmetically shaped²" acting! !!

The eyes that spoiled after entering the play ~~

"Human husband and wife" sweet action ~~~

It makes people laugh every minute and can't take care of themselves ~~~~ This is a big thing to do ~~

However, although it hasn't appeared in a variety show for a long time, Jia Ling is still the "wisdom" that we are familiar with. The brain circuit is very clear. The sense of variety is online ~~

The word-guessing session turned the tide, demonstrating the self-cultivation of a comedy actress. 的成功率~ Perform "Weight Loss" and send it to Jiji ~ The expression "Beard and stare" regains the expression, and the small eyes stare at the thief's standard (knock cute, refill) ~ The word "playing the ox on the cow" is a second reaction, so I'll take it ~ Contributed a 100% success rate of the "strongest team on the surface" of the performance ~

When will Ruan Zhuan be broadcast?

Take a look at Teng Mei, who is performing "Xiao Xun Finding Mom" beside her, and silently distressed Da Meiling ...

During the call, in order for Jia Nailiang to say "Jia Ling is better than Li Xiaolumei", this kind of "bad talk" that destroys the relationship between husband and wife. The words changed, and the scene was set in the Tang Dynasty. Jia Nailiang successfully "centered" and said "You look better than Li Xiaolu" ~

Not only wit, Jia Ling's lightning-fast response speed is also well known to the people across the country. At the moment when Shen Teng was about to lose money, he rushed to his side at a speed that Shen Teng couldn't react to, and toppled the rope ~~

After Wang Yuan was watered by Shen Teng, while the fans were still screaming and reacting, I did n’t know where to take a bottle of water and turned into a “bringer of love”. He poured handsome Teng Teng's head of water and successfully served the fans and themselves. Revenge ~ also resolved the potential crisis of handsome Teng Teng being "attacked" by fans ~ this speed, I serve ~ ~ is indeed a fairy who likes to fight the glory of the king ~

Speaking of Jia Ling and Wang Yuan, this is not their first time on the same stage. The first time the two were on the same stage was 5 years ago. At that time, Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai had not yet formed TF Boys. Jia Ling, as Wang Yuan's mentor, was still dancing with Wang Yuan on stage.

Time flies, now that Wang Yuan has grown into a flirty boy, Jia Ling has also become the most popular female comedian in China with her own works.

She is not only a witty Linger who is full of effects on the variety stage ~

She is also a happy bug in everyone's stomach ~ On the stage of the sketch, she conquered the hearts of the people by her talents.

She said comedy is part of her life and she likes to watch others feel happy because of her. In her opinion, comedy is the most beautiful virtuous cycle in the world. So she started a comedy company called Big Bowl Entertainment and started bringing joy to everyone on the comedy stage.

The sketches she excels at are of increasing quality

I made my first comedy TV series, "Happy Detective", and the recently-successful science fiction comedy "Happy Hunter"

Electrocution "Ferryman" became a highlight in the movie, and his own movie is also in preparation

There is a saying "The girl who loves to laugh will not have bad luck". Although Jia Ling has two highly recognizable dimples, she is more in line with the "harder and harder" life state.

In order to rehearse her work all night, the side of her "female man" is not the characters on the stage, but the attitude of struggling all night for months to make fun of everyone.

A natural sense of joy coupled with a quest for comedy is an essential factor for her success. It is also the accumulation over the years. Today, she has her own style in everything she plays, including the latest "challenge" Bai Qian.

She has a hundred ways to make you happy, and we are happy to let her be our goddess of joy.

After all, people like Jia Ling have no other way than to spoil them.

Poison Tongue (bbbbayi)

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