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Tonight 丨 a new world, the soul is in the shell (qiào)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Second Marry Bloodthirsty Eight Lord txt

Extreme material weird city,

It has the cultural texture of multiple real cities,

There are all kinds of information-based advertisements in the sky.

The avant-garde temperament is sweltering.

Dizziness in the sun,

Aircraft silhouette ...

Full of dystopian temperament.

no way,

Technology is so developed.

Ghost in the Shell brings you a whole new world!

"Ghost in the Shell" was created by Japanese manga artist Shiro Masaru.

The story is set in the future of Japan.

In future society,

The world is connected by a huge information network,

Human tissues and organs can be artificialized.

Biochemicals, bionics, and humans coexist on the earth,

Unrecognizable by naked eyes.

Many people's bodies have ports connected to the Internet

(Behind the neck),

The body becomes purely a container for the human soul.

under such a circumstance,

Criminal activity also has new trends,

Stealth Team of Japan's National Public Safety Commission

The "Ghost in the Shell" was established specifically to deal with such crimes,

Protagonist played by Scarlett Johnson

Suzi is one of them.

Speaking of the hero,

Scarlett's "flesh-colored autumn clothes and autumn pants" are the most striking

"Born strong and fast" in the film,

It's even more neat to get started!

And this young and emotional coexisting Shao Zuo,

It is actually a biochemical person.

Her biochemical prosthesis seems to be only in her 20s,

Actual age should be over 35 years old,

Her biochemical parabrain can connect to all computer networks on the planet.

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Have soul,

But feel no physical pain,

It only needs to be repaired when injured.

So many times,

Shaozu felt that he did not belong to this world,

Feeling like a body with a soul but no feeling.

Soul into the shell (qiào),

And about Ghost in the Shell,

), Shell (qiào) or shell ( ),

You can read it according to your own understanding ~

However, Shao Zuo has an independent personality,

Unwilling to be controlled by others,

In order to get rid of control,

Made a series of initiatives,

Fight with justice partners in the Nine Lessons of Public Security in order to maintain justice.

In addition,

The weird geisha robot in the film,

Has successfully caught the attention of the audience,

Comes with a spooky temperament.

This gorgeous and weird geisha,

Very amazing,

There is another face under the mask,

And she will also be an important turning point in unlocking Shaosuke's life.

Compared with 1995 animated films,

This live-action movie is a part-time job,

Almost perfectly restored the original ~~

The brain hole is wide and grounded,

On April 7,

Get ready for this Hollywood blockbuster video

A whole new world!

The zero-point market pre-sale has begun.

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