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Marriage, should we make up for children? Finally found the answer

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Marriage, should we make up for children? Finally found the answer!

Someone is going to divorce, some people always advise: For the child to leave, it is more important to give the child a complete home! For whom does marriage exist? Should we make do for children?

It should be said that two people never knew each other and fell in love with each other. Then they entered into a marriage. With the crystallization of love, this marriage should be cherished. And each couple has a process of running into each other, which requires tolerance and understanding. But if after thinking rationally, you feel that love has passed away and the two are no longer happy together, then they are still well separated, even if they have children.

For one, a make-up marriage ultimately hurts more than three people. The essence of marriage is that two people love each other, and the essence of family is that loved ones love each other. The family is the last card that a person strives for in the world and is the safest haven for life.

A marriage that survives in name and looks beautiful is not human, and immoral. Love is the basis of marriage. How can children who grow up in a family without love have happiness? In a family lacking joy and warmth, what kind of healthy personality and mentality will children develop?

Moreover, a make-up marriage not only hurts both the spouse and the child, but may also affect this misfortune to both parents and siblings .Not only does the child need the love of his parents, he also needs the happiness of his parents' mutual love . Our parents and siblings not only want to see you have a complete home, but also want to see you have a happy marriage with a happy, plain and warm smile.

Second, a make-up marriage will not last long. In modern people's ideology, they still yearn for a beautiful marriage, life is short, and life and career have difficult to add pressure. If the cold war is perennial, people will smile in front of you, sneer in front of them, they will be strangers at home, without mutual concern. Be considerate; if you do n’t have the experience and feelings of marriage happiness, you will betray your heart day after day, and no one will last forever.

。 Moreover, when things are done, the contradiction is actually accumulated and superimposed. This psychological burden will become heavier as life continues, and eventually everyone will let go of this burden . I do not know how much precious time has been spent on this process!

Third, the happiness of the child is not necessarily related to the marriage of the parents. ! Modern education requires parents to grow up with their children . For children, a scientific education is far more important than a complete home !


In short, children need real feelings rather than nothingness! Many times, adults always think that they are suffering, that is, the sacrifice of the child's growth, and the sacrifice for the child will always be rewarded. Actually wrong, this is not only irresponsible for your own feelings, but also irresponsible for the growth of the child!

To think about the happiness of a child, first of all, you must have a happy attitude . There is a saying well, if you give a pot of water, you have to have a bucket of water. This sentence is the same for parents and children. Parents want their children to be strong and brave. First, they have to be firm and persistent. Parents want their children to be happy and enterprising, and they must first be optimistic and work hard.

In fact, in modern society, it is quite normal for various conditions to appear in marriage. When problems and contradictions come, it is necessary to solve the problems rationally and tolerate each other. Marriage is not a flat road. If it is really irreparable, then leave!

Just don't give up the pursuit of happiness after you leave your original marriage. Even if you lose faith in your marriage, you must also believe that children in single-parent families will have a happy life!

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