hg041041.com American twin brothers and twin sisters have lived together for 24 years (HD photo)

American twin brothers and twin sisters have lived together for 24 years (HD photo)

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A twin brother in Moscow, Lata County, Idaho, USA, married a pair of twin sisters. The four have lived together for up to 24 years, and even work and travel are very synchronized. Although the four people lived with their loved ones, the same appearance and synchronized life sometimes made them very distressed, because even they themselves could not accurately distinguish each other.

Doug Malm made a "sweet little mistake". One day, he sneaked into the kitchen, trying to use his hug to give his busy wife Jill a little comfort, only to realize that he was not his wife when he kissed the "wife" neck sweetly. But his sister-in-law, Jena, Jill!

In response, Doug Haha smiled and said, "If you can't really tell who is who, from the back, it's really a bit of a hassle." He also added that Jenna came up with a way to get him Brother Phil followed her, not too far away.

The two brothers sometimes change their sitting position at home, which also poses a big problem for the twin sisters after returning home from work. The sisters have the same outfits and hobbies, making it difficult for the brothers to distinguish.

"Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing them," Peel said. "So I'll call Jenna and see who promises to turn back." Although there were a lot of confusion and "little mistakes" during the cohabitation of the four, it was not at all Affect their happy lives.

In 1992, the two brothers proposed marriage to their twin sisters on the occasion of the twins. Doug recalled: "The day we asked for marriage, it wasn't 'Will you marry me?' But 'Will you marry us?'" On August 7, 1993, the two twins were married.

The same hobbies, bank accounts, cars, jobs and degrees make it difficult for the sisters to part with each other. With this in mind, the brothers decided to live together so that the sisters would not have to endure the pain of separation. The Dougs now have a daughter, while the Peirs have a son. A family of six lives happily.

Facing the curiosity and doubts of the people around him, Peel said frankly, "We don't have to explain to others, we don't care about their eyes. We will not change the status quo, because this is who we are." The brothers are very patient, marrying them is the best decision we two sisters have ever made. "

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