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Hangzhou Artist Map Issue 020‖ The Voice of Qingjing is Like I Smell——Qingjing Studio

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I heard the sound of clear mirrors

Kiyomizu Studio

Hangzhou Artist Map 020

When appreciating music, we rarely doubt our judgment. However, when we face visual art works that belong to the same art category, we have a lot of puzzles and doubts.

Does the visual art work necessarily have some meaning? Does a visual art work require a literary expression? What are the criteria for judging the quality of visual art works? How does visual art work change from inspiration to reality? What are the creative and living conditions of those lonely and enthusiastic visual artists ...

With these doubts, the Nannan team walked into the Hangzhou Visual Artist Studio, allowing the artists to make the most direct and professional answers. In this process, the Congnan team also connected these artists who live around us to draw a unique "artist map".

Most of what you want to know about visual arts and artists can be found in this "artist map". For those you ca n’t find, you can tell us, or you can directly connect with the artist through us.

Here you and art can be closer.

His hill

These days, Zheng Wenqing's exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass has broken people's stereotypes about glass. In the exhibition hall, the originally hard and fragile glass has become flexible and powerful, like plants, flourishing upward, surging the melody and strength of life.

Since 2005, Zheng Wenqing has been engaged in glass art for more than ten years, and has a unique perception and grasp of glass as a material. Therefore, she can discover and show more possibilities about glass beyond the imagination of people.

This exhibition gave Zheng Wenqing a great breakthrough in glass art creation, and also let more people know about her "Qingjing" studio. Qingjing Studio is a warm art family. Each member in it supports each other, works together, and moves forward toward the dream together.

Zheng Wenqing's works always give a warm and poetic feeling, which is actually the feeling of "clear mirror". In the sunlight cast in by the large French windows, the members of the "Clear Mirror" performed their duties, communicated occasionally, and talked and behaved in a tacit manner. Zheng Wenqing said that this method of creation can bring a great sense of joy. Perhaps it is this sense of pleasure that dissolves the coldness and silence of the glass and creates the tenderness and tenderness in her works.

The name of the exhibition is "If I Smell", those works of art are indeed picturesque and touch the viewer's sight, hearing and feeling. The members of the "Qing Jing" studio also gave an interview with Cong Nan during the exhibition and made a "Qing Jing" voice.

About "clear mirror", about art, I heard.

Drink tea

"Clear" of a mirror

The Birth of Kiyomizu

Cong Nan: What was the founding process of Qingjing Studio? Zheng Wenqing: When the first Hangzhou Art Fair was held in 2008, a gallery invited me and Zheng Jing to perform an exhibition in the name of an institution. We took a word from each name and used a homophonic sound to form a "clear mirror" studio. The real start of the "Qingjing" studio was in the summer of 2014. We opened the grounds of Jinyuan Villa. We hope that artists with artistic dreams can work with us to create art, develop derivatives and create public space art.

Cong Nan: Please talk about the current development status and future development direction of Qingjing. Zheng Wenqing: Although the development of clear mirrors is not long, their popularity is not bad. Now, not only the people in the circle, but also many people in the society know us. They often come for interviews, and there are also many design and production projects for us to cooperate with. For Qingjing, artistic creation is the direction we always need to grasp. Looking at the big picture, the ideas we originally made are slowly advancing.

For the future, our ideal is to create a virtuous circle in our artistic creation: creation-exhibition-collection-creation. I hope that the group of clear-cut artists can have infinite creative power and have a lot of fun in their creation. I also hope that the direction of our research will provide valuable references for the academic community.

From Nan: It can be inferred from the conversation that you treat Qingjing Studio more than yourself. Zheng Wenqing: I don't like individualism. It is my state of life and work to unite and progress together.

Members of the mirror

Cong Nan: As your husband, what kind of help did Zheng Jing have for you in the development of Qingjing? Zheng Wenqing: He is at the helm. When it comes to the studio, we will fight for his views.

Cong Nan: How to evaluate the young artists of Qingjing Studio? Zheng Wenqing: They are young people who have artistic dreams and stick to their dreams. This is not easy. They take things very seriously and have a lively attitude towards work. From graduation to the present, they have gradually gained their own insights in learning and creation, which is worthy of praise and encouragement. I hope that Qingjing Studio will allow each artist to realize their own artistic ideas and concepts and go their own way.

Cong Nan: How does your mother-in-law make skin carving every day? Zheng Wenqing: We guided her to play, I hope she will have fun and trust.

From Nan: How do you think of your daughter's artistic talent? Zheng Wenqing: I didn't have a direct understanding of talent, and I didn't experience it myself. Later, from my daughter, I really understood what a talent is. When she was one and a half years old, before I went to the kitchen to cook, I gave her a piece of mud for her to play with. When I came out, I found that she had shaped the table and chair herself, and she had also shaped herself sitting on the chair, and there were mom and dad next to her.

Cong Nan: Your family are engaged in artistic creation. How will this lifestyle affect you? Zheng Wenqing: Very happy. Doing art together in the family can enhance understanding, and communication between them will be smoother and more pleasant. There are many other members of the family who do not do art, so the person who does art will look a little bit different, and some family members will question the use of art. This problem does not exist in our family.

Clear attitude

From Nan: How important is it for people in non-art industries to access art? Zheng Wenqing: Art can improve the quality of people's life. Public contact with art is definitely a kind of enjoyment of art, so that more people know about art, understand it, and appreciate it.

Cong Nan: As a university professor, what do you think are the benefits of children receiving art education from an early age? Zheng Wenqing: Children received art education from a young age, and their children's artistic accomplishments are high. This is not a superficial artefact, but a deep-rooted one. Moreover, receiving art education has a positive impact on the temperament and vision of children, especially in their later life.

From Nan: Now that there are more and more art galleries and art exhibitions, what are the benefits to society and the public? Zheng Wenqing: The art museum is a social institution with a public nature. It belongs to the institution that disseminates fine arts and forms fine arts behaviors. It can introduce fine arts to the public and let people from all walks of life see fine arts. In addition to exhibitions, art galleries and exhibitions can also promote the sale of fine arts or the implementation of fine art projects, which is quite a boost to society. Some private art galleries are doing very well now, with strong professionalism and themes.

Cong Nan: What are the roles of artist and teacher? Zheng Wenqing: Artists are relatively self-conscious, and sociality is less obvious than teachers. Artists can express themselves through artistic creation, expressing their views and ideas about society. Teachers are not a question of self, but a question of responsibility, and social responsibility is more. The so-called teacher watch, this "watch" must be done well, which requires teachers not to be too extreme, to think about their impact on students. Teachers' morality is also important. To me, the identity of teachers and artists is very interesting. Educating people is a very happy thing. It can help students to confuse and guide students to go the right way. These may be useful for the growth of students' life. The career of the teacher has given me the joy of dedication, and my status as an artist has given me the joy of expressing myself fully.

Cong Nan: What does this "If I Smell" solo show mean to you? Zheng Wenqing: This is an expression that belongs to me. I have never concentrated my ideas on display before. This time through a solo exhibition, I showed my perception of art and perception of frost, my keen feelings and my own ideas, and expressed me to the greatest extent. Yourself. In the works, I leave a lot of room for viewers. For example, there is no name for the works in the exhibition hall, hoping that the viewers can feel the space by themselves.

The Home of Erqing Mirror

Qingjing Young Artist-Li Jianan

Cong Nan: As an influential art studio, what are the characteristics of Qingjing?

Li Jianan: Having a studio may be the desire and pursuit of many people in the Academy. When I first entered the glass department, I worked as a monitor in the class of Mr. Zheng Wenqing. Fortunately, I participated in art creation as Mr. Zheng's assistant for the next three years. Under the guidance of Teacher Zheng, I gradually exercised my abilities in all aspects, and at the same time, I also produced more creative desires. After graduation, they formalized the Qingjing Studio together with Zheng. We hope to make the studio into a cluster of artists, gather a group of interesting souls, and find and discover more possibilities.

From Nan: What did you get in the two years of clearing?

Li Jianan: Over the past two years, the studio has gradually been known and recognized by more people, and the staff has begun to grow. This is exactly what we want to see. The growth of the studio has given me comprehensive training. From art creation to studio management and operation, every step has made me improve. More importantly, I can continue to express myself in the strong creative atmosphere of Qingjing.

Cong Nan: What is the difference between the current understanding of glass art and university?

Li Jianan: The understanding of glass art in college was relatively single, and the material properties of materials were lacking. After continuous investigation, I found that the possibility of glass art is far greater than my understanding in college.

From Nan: How does art affect you?

Li Jianan: I think this effect should be subtle and deep into the bone marrow. Art can be a powerful force that affects the state of the whole person-from thought to words and deeds, running through everything. The two most direct points I can feel are the fun and guidance that art brings to life.

Cong Nan: What are your expectations for the future?

Li Jianan: The future is the most likely thing. I hope that the studio will grow stronger and stronger, that we can always remain passionate and produce outstanding works. It is hoped that while Qingjing Studio provides us with the output of knowledge, it will also allow more people to share this power.

Qingjing Young Artist- Qiu Junbao

From Nan: What do you feel when you see Grandma (Han Qiang) working constantly?

Qiu Junbao: A very happy state of life is also a rare state of creation. What I see is an art creation process that is completely out of the world, which is probably a life that many people dream of.

From Nan: What did Qingjing bring to you?

Qiu Junbao: Warmth, unknowingly turning his hometown into his hometown.

Cong Nan: What do you think of many art academy students who have given up art after graduation?

Agent Mad Flower Miss Doom

Qiu Junbao: In fact, it is a choice, because no one can guarantee that it is right to stick to the art road, and no one can say how much time and effort will be spent to succeed, but I believe that everyone will not break the root of art.

Cong Nan: How did you meet Qingjing Studio?

Qiu Junbao: Qingjing Studio was set up by my graduation mentor Zheng Wenqing, and the real contact was introduced by my university classmate Li Jianan.

From Nan: How do you plan your future?

Qiu Junbao: Reserve, create, communicate, create, communicate, re-create. Of course the most important thing is pleasure.

Young Mirror Artist-Shuai Wang

Cong Nan: What have you learned from Qingjing Studio in the past two years?

Shuai Wang: The working atmosphere of Qingjing Studio is very comfortable. We are like a big family. We work carefully and rigorously, and live a relaxed and witty life. My major is art engineering and technology. I had a longing for glass art when I was in college. The material language of glass is very attractive and appealing to me. Qingjing Studio gave me a chance to understand and understand glass art more deeply, and feel the unique charm of glass art, which is a very happy thing.

From Nan: What did you learn from Zheng Jing?

Shuai Wang: From the second year of university to the present, I have been following Teacher Da Zheng (Zheng Jing) for five years. During these five years, Mr. Da Zheng had a great influence on me. At first, it was only the enlightenment of professional knowledge. Later, he also helped me a lot in setting up my outlook on life and values. In addition, what I admire most about Da Zheng is that he has a "play" mind, is full of curiosity at any time and place, and has a desire to explore and learn about everything. He once said that artists need to have an eye for observation.

From South: How will the four years of the Academy of Fine Arts help you in your work in the past two years?

Wang Shuai: First of all is the reserve of professional knowledge. This is a key to work and the basic skills for survival. The second is the cultivation and improvement of aesthetics in continuous learning and exploration. The last is a reasonable way of observation and thinking.

Cong Nan: What influence did your grandma's art creation have on you?

Shuai Wang: Grandma is a very kind and intelligent person. The proverbs in your stomach often make you laugh and make you think. Grandma's mentality is very young. She said that she likes chatting and playing with our boys. She finds it interesting. Similarly, we did not have a generation gap in our communication with grandma. I was often surprised at how much grandma accepts new things. My grandmother had a "drilling spirit" in her artistic creation and was very patient. This is also what I lack and should learn.

Cong Nan: Have you ever thought about your future?

Shuai Wang: Qingjing Studio will definitely become more and more influential. I also want to follow all the followers Da, Xiao Zheng (Zheng Jing and Zheng Wenqing) and everyone in Qingjing Studio all the way to the future. I hope that everyone will become more and more brave and brave on the road to achieving their dreams!

Cleaning Engineer-Liu Wei

From Nan: What is the biggest gain from joining Qingjing?

Liu Wei: The biggest gain from joining Qingjing is to see the many possibilities of art. There is not only traditional art, but also the combination of technology and art, as well as the charm of handmade art. The other expressions of glass art are especially surprising to me. The works of Mr. Zheng Zheng (Zheng Wenqing) in this solo exhibition let everyone see the new form of glass art.

Cong Nan: What do you think of the state of this couple artist, Mrs. Zheng?

Liu Wei: These "family love" artists should be super strong partners in the art circle. They are meticulous in thinking and advanced in consciousness. They continue to explore and experiment with art, and present a lot of unusual works of art in a relaxed state.

From South: What has the art environment of the Academy of Fine Arts brought to you?

Liu Wei: I was fortunate to meet Teacher Da Zheng (Zheng Jing) in 2011. His recognition and encouragement helped me to enter into the large artistic environment of artists in the Academy of Fine Arts. This environment has brought me an artist's way of thinking and a deeper understanding of art. There are many contacts with Da Zheng and Xiao Zheng in daily life, and they have a certain understanding of the thinking, transformation and presentation of their works. In the process, I learned how artists think based on certain issues.

Cong Nan: Can your current work reflect your value?

Liu Wei: It should be reflected. For me, the value is that when I encounter technical problems, I can use my knowledge to resolve or adjust such problems to the level that the artists are willing to accept.

Cong Nan: Have you ever thought about becoming an artist one day?

Liu Wei: No, just cooperate with the artist. Because art is too difficult for me to control.

Cong Nan: What are your plans for your future?

Liu Wei: To be an outstanding and senior art technician and cooperate with artists to create more good works of art.

Everyone's Grandma- Han Qiang

Cong Nan: How do you feel living with these young artists everyday?

Han Qiangyan: These young people are very energetic. Influenced by them, I also feel very young and happy.

Cong Nan: When you and your granddaughter were working together, what was your mood?

Han Qianyu: Very happy! This is something that most people can't enjoy. Grandparents and grandchildren do one thing together and make me feel very happy.

From Nan: Why do you want to learn leather carving among so many arts?

Han Qiangyu: This is determined by my personality and temperament. I like to stay at home. The leather carving is suitable for my taste and I started to learn. This is also the way my son and daughter-in-law spent some time paving for me.

Cong Nan: What were your thoughts when you were doing leather carving?

Han Qiangyan: I don't think about anything, we must do everything seriously, do well, and do it perfectly.

From Nan: What keeps you from making leather carvings every day?

Han Qianyi: I do n’t insist every day, just do it in my spare time. When I put my thoughts into it, I feel very comfortable. Sometimes I knock on the other two and go to do something else, and the things that come out of it do not have the strength and feeling that I can make in one breath.

Cong Nan: What would you like to say to these young artists?

Han Qianyi: I am affected by you and I have to learn from you. This kind of opportunity is very rare. I can learn something and bring me youthful vitality. I feel very happy.

"Jing" of the Three Mirrors

Cong Nan: As an influential art studio, what are the characteristics of Qingjing?

Zheng Jing: Qingjing Studio is a collection of integrated multiple art forms. Glass glass is used as a starting point to expand. Qingjing has a new understanding and concept of glass art. Qing Jing's concern is the discussion of the language of glass art, which is the academic height of glass art. For clear glasses, the state of pleasure in seeking and exploring the language of glass materials is the most important. Judging from the current situation, Qingjing has realized this idea that we preset at the beginning.

Cong Nan: Qingjing's performance over the years?

Zheng Jing: Achievement is not the only goal or direction of Qingjing. Qingjing values the state of pleasure in the new language exploration process. At present, the small fruits obtained by clearing the mirror are not in a certain direction, which is very difficult and cannot be completed in a day or two. Clearing the mirror is not to make a benchmark or iconic achievement quickly, but to accumulate bit by bit, and the direction is different each time. This is a very casual way, and it is only this kind of casualness that allows the clear mirror to show the core-the pleasant state of exploration and work under the premise of more possibilities. This state is manifested from various aspects, such as the so-called "If I Smell" solo exhibition, such as many art-related fun things and so on.

Cong Nan: How do you coordinate the work and life of a large family and your teaching and creation? Zheng Jing: These things are not separate. Hosting the work of the studio is like teaching. Everyone has their own characteristics. How to let each person exert their own advantages and share with the team is the most important. This is the case for teaching management and team building, and each has its own strengths and brings together to form a group.

Cong Nan: Expectations for Qingjing?

Zheng Jing: As when it was founded, Qingjing did not set a goal that must be achieved. I hope that the mirror will keep this pleasure and continue to be happy. There will be no so-called bad things to keep happy. For the goal, clearing does not make any settings, if it is necessary, it is also pleasant.

From the south

A group of like-minded people, doing things that they love each other, singing along the way, bright all the way.

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