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Recommended Fun | Monday Morning 5:19

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Monday Morning 5:19-Rialto

It's Monday Morning 5:19

and I'm still wondering where she's been

cus every time I try to call I just get her machine

And now it's almost six am

and I don't want to try again

At first I guess she's gone to get

herself a pack of cigarettes

a pint of milk food for the cat

but it's midnight now and she's still not back

cos if she's still not back then this must be the end


British rock is like British weather,

Gloomy and dull

Control is better than indulgence

Five o'clock in the morning sadness in a smooth rhythm


Rialto became an army in 1997. A dim and gorgeous aesthetic in the Britpop lineup, a 6-person band equipped with double drums , playing a deep-throat Dream Pop-style rock , creating sad and heartbreaking music Atmosphere .

They disbanded in 01, just 4 years. In the 1990s, there were so many good bands in Britain, and they never ended.

Thinking of the lines of Takeshi Kaneshiro in Wong Kar-wai's "The Fallen Angel":

I wonder if I'm too optimistic.

Not long after, I asked her to watch the game again, but she didn't arrive.

When does the emergency room doctor broadcast

I always thought that her relationship with Johnny would soon expire, but who knew that it would be me who expired the fastest.

I waited from the opening to the end, and when the stadium turned off the lights, I knew she wouldn't come.

More Rialto:


Untouchable, if I'm not fit to even crawl if I'm too sick,

I'll soak my skin in alcohol, and I will feel untouchable.

-Lucky Number

You dial your lucky number when you're feeling uptight,

When you're bored on a Sunday, and every Friday night.

You dial your lucky number, cos life is such a fight.

They're going to bring it over,

And make it all seem alright.

-Dream Another Dream

Hey, it's alright, at the end of the day

there's gonna be more nights.

Everything's OK, no need to get up tight,

we can dream another dream tonight.

"We jumped right in with the abandonment of reason

“我们纵身一跃,全身投入,像年少轻狂的嬉皮士和疯子一样的不要理智”。 that belongs only to the young hippies and crazy people " " We jumped forward and devoted ourselves. Don't be rational like young frivolous hippies and crazy people . "

Wanna come?

You know how.

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