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Case Discussion | Two Elites Lost in a Manager's Job? 20170405

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Case Discussion | Two Elites Lost in a Manager's Job?

Xiaoqi was in charge of employee relationship management in an e-commerce company. Some time ago, a manager of the company left because the company promoted a manager to a director when the department was adjusted a month ago, and the original department promoted an elite to Department manager. But a few days ago, the company adjusted its downsizing and reduced the number of team members. The newly appointed manager became a front-line employee before he became hot, and the employee could not accept his departure.

In addition, another elite has recently left the company. He also said that when a new director was promoted, he needed to reserve a manager. When the head of the department communicated with the employee, he said that he was a reserve manager. Now the company is downsizing. This employee saw this situation. I know I'm impossible, and the people around me also know my previous appointment arrangements. I felt I couldn't get a foothold in the department and I applied for a resignation.

After the Rain Story

Because a managerial position caused the loss of two company elites, Xiao Qi felt very unfortunate, but these things are not under the control of Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi wants to know how to avoid brain drain under such circumstances?



1. How can we avoid brain drain under such circumstances?

2. The external environment is constantly changing, and the company's response is also adjusted and changed at any time. How to adjust and respond to such ups and downs?

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