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Yang Yan: Good family education, parents' role model and husband-wife relationship are important

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"Good education" is first of all to inspire people's interest in learning, the consciousness of learning, to cultivate people's self-motivation, to guide people to learn, and to constantly improve themselves. Let students be educated unknowingly, and let them be imperceptible. The role of role models in this area is very important.

Good education, role models are important

I realize that "good education" is first of all to inspire people's interest in learning, consciousness of learning, cultivate self-motivation, guide people to learn well, and constantly improve themselves. Let children be educated unknowingly and let them subtlely. The role of role models in this area is very important.

I myself was influenced by my parents and changed from being naughty to learning.

Dad spoke well and reasoned, exporting into chapters, and "Report" commented one after another. I admire and am curious, and ask for tips. Dad said, "What's the secret? Read more and read well." My mother worked hard to read the classics, modern novels, and read with interest. I followed their example and found my father's book collection to read. It was really interesting. I have been reading well, and have become a fan of books.

Dad served as the director of the Beijing Provincial Higher Prosecutor's Office. He insisted on hearing the case of Xu Shiying, the chief of the Ministry of Communications, and would rather be stepped down by the Beiyang government who was defended by officials. When he was the director of the High Court of Justice of Jiangsu Province, a warlord came to Shanghai. The local gentry joined the newspaper to welcome the name. His father's name was also included in the welcome list. His father refused to welcome the warlord. And the device must not be fake ", immediately published a notice in the newspaper stating that he was not welcome. During the fall of Shanghai, Dad Lu Yu became an acquaintance of the traitor and turned a blind eye, so it was rumored that Yang was blind.

Dad never taught us how to do it. Through his actions, I realized the true meaning of the ancient teachings that "wealth cannot be prostitution, poverty cannot be moved, and majesty cannot be surrendered."

We never gave instructions to our daughter Qian Min (named A Yuan). When she saw me and Zhong Shu being addicted to reading and learning from monkeys, she took the book as if she were reading it, but she gradually became enlightened. She learned a foreign language and had a difficult word. She searched three dictionaries and didn't look it up. She ran to ask her dad. Zhong Shu didn't tell her to let her continue to look it up and found the fifth dictionary.


With children, let them play and learn


Zhong Shu never showed the majesty of his father, he was more naughty than his daughter.

As a child, Yuan often said, "My dad and I are the best buddies. We are the two urchins of my mother. My father is not worthy of being my brother, but only my brother."

Once, Yuanyuan fell asleep with her belly exposed on a hot day, and Zhong Shu drew a big face on her belly. I was reprimanded and dared not to paint again. Every day before he fell asleep, he had to bury "mines" in his daughter's bed, and bury toys, mirrors, brushes, and even a large number of writing brushes. When his daughter screamed, he was so happy that he couldn't wait to put The broom and hoe were tucked into her daughter's bed. Before going to bed, her daughter must search carefully and take out the contents one by one. This kind of stuff is not much fun to play every day, but Zhong Shu is never tired of playing.

In addition to teasing her daughter, Zhong Shu also teaches her daughter English words. When she has potential, she also teaches some French and German words, mostly swear words with farts and shit. When a friend comes, Zhong Shu wants his daughter to show off. "I replied as my stark learns tongues. The guests laughed after listening to it. I thought I was very 'learned' and I couldn't help feeling complacent, and my nose was tilted up." A Yuan wrote in the book.

When Zhong wrote "The Besieged City," she told her daughter that there was an ugly child in it, which was her. A Yuanxin thought it was true, but he didn't care about it. Later, he wrote "Lily Heart" and said that there was one of the most hated girls in it.

At this time, A Yuan grew up a little, fearing that Dad would wrong her, and peeked at his manuscripts every day. Qian Zhongshu hid the manuscripts every day. One hide and one find has become a hide-and-seek game. Later I didn't even know where the manuscript was hidden.

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"Zhong Shu's" madness "is also strange. He said to me very seriously:" If we have a child, maybe better than A Yuan, we will like that child, then how can we treat A Yuan? ... '

And I don't know much about modern education. I read in the newspaper that the artist Han Meilin made a painting and gave it to a two- or three-year-old child. The child went back happily, and quickly brought the painting for Han Meilin's signature and asked him what he would do. : "You signed it, this painting is worth money!" Unfortunately, such a small child has been affected by the bad social atmosphere. Shouldn't the education of values attract attention?


Good family, good husband and wife relationship


Qian Zhongshu and I are like-minded couples. We were attracted to each other because they both loved literature and were obsessed with reading. Zhong Shu said that he "has no great ambition, and just wants to contribute his life and do his studies." This is the same as my interest.

I love my husband better than myself. I understand the value of Qian Zhongshu, and I would like to write about the success of Zhiye for his research, and to sacrifice myself to give full play to his potential and creativity. This love is not blind, but understanding, the deeper the understanding, the better the feeling. Only when we understand each other can we consciously support each other.

The poet Xin Di said that Qian Zhongshu had a "favorite wife", and Zhong Shu really appreciated me. Whether it was hard work or translation and writing, it greatly encouraged me and was the basis of love.

Similarly, I am also very concerned and familiar with Qian Zhongshu's works. In 1989, Huang Shuqin was going to bring his "Siege" to the screen to discuss how to highlight the theme. I think we should express the main connotation of "Siege" and immediately wrote Give her two words, that is: those who are around the city want to escape, those outside the city want to rush in. No matter marriage or profession. Most of the wishes in life are like this.

The meaning of "siege" not only refers to Fang Hongjian's marriage, but also refers to some sad elements of human nature, that is, dissatisfaction with his situation. Qian Zhongshu agrees with my generalization and analysis, and feels that this keyword "got my heart."

I'm an old man, and say old things. For the times, I am a laggard, and I have no good words to contribute to modern marriage. Only in the tide of the age of material supremacy, I want to remind young friends that the most important thing is the relationship between men and women. The degree of mutual understanding between the two sides can only be appreciated, attracted, supported and encouraged.

I think that the most important relationship between husband and wife is the relationship between friends. Even if you can't be a close friend, you should be a friend who can be a partner or a partner who respects each other. Door to door and others are not important.

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