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Fish and water love story (see crying)

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The fish said: You are so beautiful, I think I like you.

Water said: Fool, that's just goodwill.

The fish said: Really, I don't lie to you.

Water said: I don't believe in love at first sight.

The days passed, and the fish's feelings for water became more and more profound.

The fish said: I like to be with you.

Water said: That's because you have adapted to me.

The fish said: I like your taste.

Water said: That's because you are used to my existence.

After a few days, the water will continue to travel long distances.

The fish said: I can't live without you.

Water said: You will forget me in a few days.

The fish said: No, I will not fall in love with anyone other than you.

Water said: That's because you haven't met anyone other than me.

The fish said: In any case, I will accompany you to the sea.

Water said: Don't be silly, you are just a freshwater fish.

The fish said: I don't want you to face the storm alone.

Water said: I will not be grateful for this.

The fish said: I don't want to win your gratitude, I just want to be with you.

Water said: You know I can't fall in love with you.

The fish said: But you can't take away my right to love you.

Shui said: You will only harm yourself by doing this.

Water and fish passed through a large river, and the fish had only half a life left.

The fish said: I don't know how far I can stay with you.

Shui said: Go back, this day is not for you.

The fish said: No, even in the last second, I would not give up.

Shui said: You are stupid enough to lose yourself.

The fish said: Then can you try to accept the love of a fool?

The water said: You know my heart has been occupied by the sea.

The fish said: Why? Can't you always try to fall in love with me?

Water said: I just believe that the sea is my only one.

Fish and water passed through a large river, and only a quarter of the fish's life remained.

The fish said: What would you do if I was gone one day?

Shui said: I will be sad and sorry.

The fish said: What if the sea is gone?

Shui said: I will break my heart and die with him.

The fish said: Can we get along with each other more than a phantom?

Water said: Getting along without feelings is just extra memory.

Peak skiing

The fish was silent, and silently accompany the water over the rest of the distance.

Finally, they reached the beach.

The water saw her sea, but she was not the only one.

Yeah, Hai has a broad mind,

Broad enough to allow Baichuan to play in his arms, but there is no time to take care of the existence of water.

Shui did not want to be one of the many beauties around the sea, she decided to leave.

At this moment, she thought of the fish, and the fish was already dying.

Fish said: I see the sea, he is so handsome and handsome, only he is worthy of you.

Water said: But I think he is confused.

The fish said: Don't worry, someday the sea will find you and fall in love with you.

Water said: Maybe I was really wrong.

The fish said: No, you love the sea so much.

Shui said: Once, someone loved me so much, but I ignored it.

Fish said: I don't want to give you a promise that can't be fulfilled.

Water said: Why can't you be selfish?

The fish said: Don't do this, loving you is my right, loving me is not your obligation.

Water said: Why am I always so selfish and so stubborn? Why didn't I fall in love with you earlier?

The fish said: forget me, then go find someone worthy of your love.

Water said: Aren't you the most worthy person I love?

The fish said: Don't be silly, I will not be with you in the days to come.

Water said: I have missed too many days, I can't miss you anymore.

The fish said: Don't do this.

Water said: I really love you.

The fish said: I'm crying, do you see my happy tears? Oh, I forgot, because I'm in the water.

Water said: No! I feel it, because now you are in my heart.

The fish closed their eyes happily, in the arms of the water.

I heard my heartbreaking voice ...

Maybe everyone will have someone they like

Someone can be with someone they like

There are also people who cannot be together for various reasons

People you like may not be with you

Those who can accompany you must love you

And love you ...

Who is it, Boo Hanwen warms you with a journey

Who is it, my heart screams for you again and again

With you wind, with you rain, with you spring, summer, autumn and winter

Feeling this journey

The one who understands you, can accompany you, and can sympathize with you

Well worth cherishing a lifetime

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