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What you should know about gasoline standards

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National V is about to be implemented, and our automobile emission standards have become stricter. So what are the specific provisions of the National Five and how does it affect us? Here comes the point, please read on

National V vehicle gasoline standards released: In accordance with the requirements of the State Council Executive Meeting on the upgrading of oil quality on February 6, 2013, in order to implement the State Council ’s “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan”, the General Administration of Quality Supervision On May 18, the national standard for gasoline for vehicles in the fifth phase was issued. The standard has been implemented since the date of its release, and the fifth-stage gasoline for vehicles has been supplied nationwide since January 1, 2018.


The National V standard is equivalent to the European Union ’s European V standard. The European Union has implemented it since 2009, and its restrictions on vehicle emissions such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are more stringent. From China I to China IV, each time the standard is raised, the bicycle pollution is reduced by 30% to 50%. The use of new standards of gasoline and diesel will reduce a number of pollutants and reduce PM2.5 emissions from National IV to National V. Environmental protection indicators have been further tightened. The sulfur content has been reduced from 50 ppm to 10 ppm, and the quality of oil has been further improved. The opinion draft also revised the gasoline grades for vehicles from 90, 93, and 97 to 89, 92, and 95.

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The formulation of the national petrol gasoline standard in the fifth stage not only considered the urgent requirements for the prevention and control of air pollution and the improvement of air quality in China at present and in the future, but also considered the status of the production, storage, transportation and use of petrol products in China, as well as oil products. The demand for technological transformation of manufacturing enterprises and automotive emission control technologies will help reduce the emissions of motor vehicles, which is of great significance for protecting the environment and improving air quality.

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