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Taste carefully to appreciate the true taste

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Zhang Sanfeng Out of the World Tour

Like simple days, use your mind to record laughter and dullness. Enjoy the time of a tea and wait for the dull days. like Huanlai cup of Anhua black tea, which contains the memories of the years, is gentle and time-honored.

Perceive the beauty of time and appreciate the value of time. In the complicated world, leave a space for yourself, put aside your troubles and sorrows, love the fragrance of pen and ink, stay away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the comfort and safety; listen to a piece of music, read the beautiful text, feel moved, The fragrance is in the fragrance, making the years long.

We use tears to wash away the sorrows of life, and use time to precipitate the fragments of emotions. Summer flowers are gorgeous, autumn leaves are quiet, life extends in motion, and the soul is peaceful in the hustle and bustle. Life is like drinking tea, less bitter, more peaceful, less youthful, and mature.

The world will not change because of us. We must be good at accepting and tolerating, learning to taste and appreciate, letting our minds be open-minded, letting our hearts be happy, letting our hearts be pure, and letting our hearts be high.

A low-key person, if he carries a feather, if he holds everything, if he carries a little bit, if the world holds a mustard. Thinking is not evil, meaning is not mad, and action is not dry; A low-key person, like drinking tea for a lifetime, the water is boiling, the mind is quiet, and the tea is mellow.

A few, a pot, a secluded house, shallow pondering slow goods, depending on the glory of the earth like mist, floating around. A low-key life is an infinite elegance.

The true confidant is an understanding, an acquaintance, a faint companionship and resonance. It is like a cup of Anhua black tea, which calmly enters the heart.


Sometimes as long as a hug and a look, everything is in silence; sometimes as long as a paragraph of text, once a sympathy, leave a lasting impression ...

A cup of tea, one thing, one lifetime, walk together

Grasp everyone around us, no matter what role they play in their lives, they have added a new stroke and new color to our lives.

You can't get tea by tea, you can't get tea by tea, you can't get tea by tea, you can't get tea by tea, you can't get tea knowledge by tea;

Life is like a cup of black tea, so you can appreciate the true taste if you taste it carefully. Learn: like it lightly, love it quietly, think deeply, and let it go. When you choose to be strong for the first time, you must think clearly: Are you ready to bear everything?

Because once you choose to be strong, you have to stick to it, even if it's just pretending. Because the strength you used to make people think that no matter how much suffering you can sustain.

Life is actually like a piece of tea travel. When you return with a full load, choose a quiet place, pour a fragrant pot, and watch a pinch of tea go through, roll, and gradually stretch in the hot water. Finally, it sinks to the bottom of the cup. After brewing all over the place, it gradually returned to a calm and real process.

Human life twists and turns, just like the tea in this cup, stretches silently, and finishes quietly, quietly, bitterly. The mellowness on the taste buds is the taste of life.

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