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High School Composition: In the Information Age, Inheritance Is More Valuable

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Read the following two materials and write an article of 800 words or more as required.

Material one

In 2013, China started the application of "24 solar terms".

Lao Meng: This is the wisdom of our ancestors.

Xiao Yan: "The spring rain shocks the spring and the valley is clear, the summer is full of summer and the summer is hot, the autumn is exposed to the cold and frost, and the winter is snowy and the winter is cold." The long-lost poetry is beautiful.

Xiaoding: It's all in the information age. Who still looks at 24 solar terms now?

Material two

On November 30, 2016, China's "Twenty-Four Solar Terms-The Knowledge System of Time and Its Practice Formed by the Chinese by Observing the Solar Anniversary Movement" was included in the UNESCO Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage.

What do you think about the "24 solar terms"? Write an article that explains what you think.

It is required to synthesize the content and meaning of the materials, choose a good angle, determine the intention, clarify the style, and develop the title; do not copy, and do not copy.

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In the information age, heritage is more valuable

China and the world continue to develop with each passing day. The new calendar has gradually replaced the lunar calendar to describe the date. In the information age, more and more people do not regard traditional customs and the wisdom of their ancestors as one thing. But I think that in the information society, it is more valuable to inherit the tradition of Chinese culture, and it should be more urgent to inherit this crystallization of wisdom. No let the wisdom on the verge of disappearing eventually disappear, let us regret it.

Recently, the 24 solar terms declared by China were included in the UNESCO Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage. When people started to apply for inheritance work a few years ago, people had different attitudes towards this work. Some people think that this is the wisdom of our ancestors, and some people think that the twenty-four solar terms are long-lost poetic. But there are still people who think that it is the information age. Who is watching the 24 solar terms now?

Although everyone has been arguing about the work of applying for legacy, I think it should be more inherited in the information age. Although it is the information age, there are still people who supplement in the winter solstice to resist the cold winter. Twenty-four solar terms are more important for farmers, and it represents when to plant and when to harvest. So not everyone looks at the 24 solar terms.

Furthermore, the twenty-four solar terms is a time knowledge system and practice formed by the Chinese people by observing the anniversary of the sun. It represents the wisdom of our ancestors, so in the information age, is it not more valuable and meaningful to inherit traditional culture? You can also let other countries appreciate the wisdom and admiration of our Chinese descendants in the heritage culture.

And the inheritance of the 24 solar terms let our descendants and grandchildren know the poetic and artistic meaning of "Spring rain shocks the spring, the valley is clear, the summer is full, the summer is summer, the summer is cold, the winter is cold, the snow is cold, and the winter is cold. More valuable to cultural heritage?

At present, more and more people gradually forget the roots passed down by our grandparents because of the constant impact of information and technology, and some traditions are gradually lost. Therefore, we should continue to inherit, and apply to let this thought and wisdom not break the line in our hands. Therefore, in this information age, it should be inherited, and inheritance is more valuable and connotative.

The successful application of the twenty-four solar terms is something that we Chinese should all be happy about. And from this matter, it should be seen that everyone should have the heart to inherit it, so that the wisdom of the ancients disappeared and the deep connotation slowly faded. So in this fast-changing era, inheriting this hard-won culture is even more valuable.

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