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Have an attitude to life, interpret the state of living

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Fourteen years of Chenghua

"Concepts and calculations for every inch of design

It ’s all about making your life easier. "

If you live in Evergrande Landscape City

You can feel the two words above

Blueprint than imagine

Better outline the true look of your life

Evergrande's design abandons flamboyance

Based on years of consideration of people's daily habits

Strive to create a humane design detail

Mature customization of each "module"

Make every living space simple and comfortable

From design to material selection, from construction to use

All technical specifications

The first is necessarily environmental protection and health

Only then can it be safe, environmentally friendly and durable

Waterproofing of the bathroom is strictly in accordance with the large-scale drawing

Guaranteed waterproof construction

Meet design and specification requirements

All risers and sleeves passing through the ground are firmly fixed

The gap around the pipe is compacted with micro-expanded concrete

Blurred Archives

Curved non-slip edge

Wet and dry function zone

Kitchen & Bathroom Classified Storage

Reasonable layout of power supply location

Humane design in Evergrande products is endless

Integrate detail into the building itself

Just to guarantee the excellent quality of the house

Consider the owner from a practical perspective

In Evergrande's product design philosophy

Finished home is no longer a stack of simple materials

But the attitude of living with heart

Because of these carefully crafted details

People living in Evergrande Landscape City

That's how I enjoy life

If the owner has any questions, please contact

Evergrande Customer Service:

24-hour service hotline: 400-8893333

WeChat public platform: HDKHFW

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