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The so-called father-daughter match is just a lover who can't hold it

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The so-called father-daughter match is nothing but a lover who can't hold it, and can't bear the love. Every girl has a man in her heart. He is an arm, he is a hug, magnificent and deep, simple and extraordinary. Wet jacket on the move and warm spring breeze on the open. There is a kind of love that never betrays, and a kind of love that can't let go, but just because this life can't be your best lover, either you leave or you go first.

From Yoko's novel "Father is a Daughter's Day"

Novel serialization

      The doctors in the respiratory department before chemotherapy compared the films and suggested and introduced us to the radiotherapy department to give my father radiotherapy. Therefore, this time to Xijing, we must find a place to live near the hospital, because we have to perform radiotherapy for a month. With my sick dad and exhausted mother, I settled down and found a seat in the lobby to sit down. Then I walked back and forth at Xijing Hospital, looking for the department, doctor, lined up, made an appointment and registered, and finally lined up to the doctor The clinic told the doctor that his father was inconvenient and could not come. I am a female doctor in her 50s, wearing a gown and glasses, and examining all the medical records and films for a long time. I waited restlessly, staring at the doctor's face and doctor's mouth, hoping to see or hear, even if one The little good news moved in the doctor's face. 你是病人家属...? " Are you the patient's family ...? "

是我父亲,我是女儿。 ”我立马答道。 "It 's my father, I'm a daughter. " I answered immediately.

从片子来看,三次化疗之后呢,效果不是很明显........ ”医生若有所思,我多希望她说病情有好转。 " From the film, after three chemotherapy treatments, the effect is not obvious ... " The doctor thoughtfully, I hope she said her condition has improved.

"So the doctor suggested that we come here for radiotherapy. Can you do it?" I urgently knew the answer. "Can do it ... but from the perspective of the disease, we can't guarantee that it will have an effect after we do it, we can't be sure it will improve," said the doctor. I suddenly felt heart failure, and the words of the doctor made me lose my mind. "Doctor, just tell me the current situation, can you do it? Try it no matter what the result is." "Well, I just explained it to my family in advance, and the cost is high. I plan to do it, and I will prescribe it for you. I have a list. "" Do it, do it, try it anyway ..... "I took a deep breath, and I was so distressed that I was so stricken that I went out of the consultation room and rested on a rest chair outside. Mom. On the far east seat of the hall where people came and went, Mom was holding a cup to hold Dad to drink water. Dad was still wrapped in clothes and slumped on the chair. He brought a hat. Because of chemotherapy, he had already lost count More hair was shaved, and Dad's shaved head was even smaller. On the side of the chair is the luggage of each hospital stay. Since last winter, this parcel has been used by us. Watching Dad is much better than the first time he was admitted to the hospital, his body can recover, the road can go more, and his spirit seems to have risen a little bit. All the external manifestations, even Dad himself feels a lot better, we are all comforted , But the words of the doctor must not make me cold water. "Is that all right? What did the doctor say?" Mom asked when she saw me coming. "It's all done, the doctor said that it can be done, and the situation is all right." I smiled and covered the psychological bleakness and told my parents. "That's good, we should go out and find a hotel to settle down once the formalities are done." Mom said. So I carried the parcel, my mother carried my dad, and we walked out of the hospital. The new year is not over, but how can you find no trace of the year in the hospital, even in the first month, full of people running for health. It turns out that without health, no matter how lively our lives are, we will be beyond recognition, and no matter how much happiness we watch, it only highlights the deep sorrow. What was missing in the New Year before was New Year's Eve, and there was no lack of New Year's flavor; now there is no lack of New Year's Eve but it is lacking in New Year's Taste, and we don't have a healthy smile and tough body. The temperature in Xi'an in the first month was a little higher than at home. My parents and I found two hotels nearby, and the conditions were not very good. I was afraid that Dad would not be able to support them, so I would no longer let them follow. I rushed to find them by myself. Now it is more than two o'clock in the afternoon. Be sure to find an accommodation as soon as possible. I hurried back and looked back for a while, my parents were sitting on the side of the road, two elderly people accompanying each other, watching a passing car passing by, watching this unfamiliar downtown, taking care of each other, supporting each other, in The afterglow of the setting sun makes people look warm and chilling. I ran a few more times and still couldn't find a suitable place. Dad ca n’t walk. The house ca n’t be too far away from the hospital, and it ca n’t be too high. It ’s also difficult to find if there is heating in the house this winter, more important. The reason is that parents do n’t want very expensive houses. They said that they would have spent money to see a doctor, and it would not be cost-effective to spend thousands of dollars a month. It's five o'clock in the afternoon. I have found almost all the hotels near Xijing. They are afraid that their parents will be wronged. They disagree. I do n’t want to live in a shabby and uncomfortable place. In this case, I am in contradiction whether I should return. Home, because I'm going to work tomorrow, I have to take time off from work with my parents for one more night, but I can't worry about my parents if I go straight back. In order to catch the last train, my parents just convinced me to go home. "Go back tightly. I'll walk slowly with your dad to find a suitable place to live. You don't need to worry about it. The place you are looking for is too expensive. Go back." Mom said. In my anxiety, I was really reluctant to ask for leave from the unit, and still left decisively. I left the seriously ill father and lonely mother in the cold winter and strange cold city.   I got in the car and the fireworks along the way promoted the beauty of the window. Tonight is the fifteenth day of the first month. Imagine how many happy faces are enjoying the rich happiness of the good night of the festive season, while time and space are moving quietly, some people are happy and some are hurt. My parents went around in Xi'an, looking exhaustedly for hope. I do not ask for the ecstasy of my life, but for a calm heart to treat time well and wait for the gift of time. At each full moon, people who want to see are still smiling peacefully and warmly. I am peaceful to a kind of numbness, or sadness or joy, lack of yin and qing, but my heart hurts. Unconsciously, I felt too much heartache and tears. Being strong can persist for a while, looking up at the sky as much as possible, hoping to look at and forget. Too much helplessness is not unsatisfied with greed, but more grief and indignation that can't help, and resentment towards himself. The pain was burning in my heart, strangling my choked words. The first full moon of the new year, please give me more time to those who have loved me! Come home and call mom, "I have found a place to live, there is one next door to the one we have found, near the hospital, The environment is good, not cold, and the price is right, your dad is resting. Don't worry about it, go to work. "After listening to my mother, I went to bed. I was lying in bed thinking that my parents were far away in Xi'an. It was inconvenient to spend a month with the boarding hotel, but I couldn't stay with them and help my parents a little bit. Tears were wet on her jacket, and she woke up in the cold and silent night. The pain in my heart has been around for a long time, and I can no longer sleep. The hospital is like a cold and cruel terminator who doesn't understand the warmth on earth. The ignorance of insulting patients stifles the hope of surviving alone. Dreaming of my poor mother blindly guarding the sick bed, the poor father was wrapped in gauze and all kinds of infusion equipment. The doctors do not condone our poverty and illness, and we are arrogantly indifferent to our every struggle. The hospital is a hell that the poor cannot afford, but it is a paradise for the sick to burn hope. It is arrogant and does not eat human fireworks. It is a god who looks at the world without twitching. Illness deprives the surviving respite, and the hospital controls the patient's debt accumulation. The world is bitter and helpless. If there is gold under my knees, can I buy the hope of compassion, the hope that can't help screaming, the burning pain and don't want to give up! Fortunately, radiotherapy is much less painful than the chemotherapy dad. Mom said that radiotherapy is less harmful to people, only once a day, less than a dozen minutes, and the rest of the time they scattered around the residence and the hospital, exercise Dad feels better about himself, and his actions are easier. After ten times of radiotherapy, we must continue to return to the respiratory department for three chemotherapy treatments after the full course of treatment. The doctor's advice and words are our unspoken pledges. We will obey. We believe that according to the doctor's plan, Dad will be better. of. From winter to spring, Dad's body seems to be getting better and better as the temperature rises. On the eighth day of February, the office sister said that today is a special day. She took the scroll to turn around the pine and cypress tree three times and then discarded it. She folded it back and pulled it back to take it away to dispel all diseases. I heard about it for the first time, and then did it like a game. Surrounding the tree, my sister laughed and laughed, going to a small disaster and getting sick, healthy and happy. My sister said to make a few more laps to make a wish for my family and children, and then I meditated on my dad, so I couldn't help but choke. If life were so simple, it would be nice to lose my father's illness after a few laps, and how good it would be if life was like eating sugar. At the beginning of May, the weather was still good, so I decided to take my parents to go to Virgin Spring with my husband. Dad has never been to play in this life. Now we ca n’t go in the distance, so I plan to let my parents go to Hechuan to relax. I did n’t expect my dad to be too brave. I was so happy as we walked and stopped smoothly, so we were in Fukuyama, met God and worshiped the Buddha, just to see my father recover from the illness. No trace, but this is the best time for Dad's body.

to be continued......

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