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May you have poetry and distant fields

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Immortal Primordial




More than just present

And poetry and distant fields

Now many people, a little bit artistic, like to use Gao Xiaosong's words,   Life is more than just the present, but also poetry and distant fields. However, living in the moment, in addition to the current situation of some people, the rest is still.

时间是有限的,别只顾着“ 晒忙” · · Time is limited, don't just focus on "busy" ·

Maybe you will find

The book may not have Yan Ruyu and the Golden House

But poetry and distance

It flickers between lines in Chinese


These people like to be in the circle of friends   ,他们认为忙碌就等于成功,于是没完没了的晒自己没时间,除了加班,还得忙着听讲座看演出去健身,总之,要营造出日理万机的感觉,收获意料之外的仰视。 "Busy" , they think that busy is equal to success, so they have no time to endlessly, in addition to working overtime, they have to be busy listening to lectures, watching performances and going to the gym. In short, to create a sense of optimism and gain unexpected results Looking up.

Time also has a law of conservation. If you work hard to compete for it, you have to work hard to use it.

By being punctual and self-disciplined during working hours, you have the capital to return time to yourself. In addition to the ability to run fast, the hurrying passengers of time need to slow down and wait for the courage of the soul. Luo Zhenyu also believes that in the future, in the battlefield of time, two businesses will be particularly valuable, one is to save others time, and the other is to help others waste the time saved on beautiful things.

After home, I feel that it is good to leave myself a time away from the hustle and bustle, to appreciate flowers and read books.

阅读本身往往最迷人· Reading is often the most fascinating .

Reading is a private matter

Wakaga era unlimited

After home, I think reading is a private matter. At the end of reading, what we see is our own experience and temperament . Faced with the same book, different readers give their works infinite meaning with different experiences. The book itself may not have too many tendencies. What we read out is just because we have it in our hearts. And this is exactly the fascination of reading.

提升容颜的捷径· Shortcuts to improve your appearance

With more books, my face naturally changes

Although nowadays is an age of looking at beauty, natural beauty has become an advantage everywhere. However, it is also undeniable that beauty is only cheap for a short time, and temperament can only move people for a long time. Elapsed and timeless. Good temperament is more durable than high-value and more carefree.

——这是三毛说的。 With more books, her appearance naturally changed -this is what San Mao said. Temperament is by no means exquisite and clear in the five senses, nor is it not only caused by the unevenness on the surroundings, but should be derived from one's internal cultivation and talent. In fact, as long as you keep a little heart in your daily life, it is not difficult to find that those who come and go can talk from them, or the temperament emanating from the whole body. Basically, you can judge who will rest on the poems, and who will be free Nothing to visit Taobao.

女人最应该做的投资,就是阅读· · The most important investment a woman should make is reading ·

Spend money on enriching knowledge

Travel more to broaden your mind

This is the basic

The so-called knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and informative can make a person widely acquainted; the broader mind will then become broad, open-minded and interesting . Temperament belongs to the light from the inside out. Cai Lan once suggested to women that it is basic to spend money on broadening their knowledge or to travel more to broaden their minds.

After the family reminded everyone that this month is about to celebrate the 21st reading day, it is also time to calm down and read a few books, with poems and distance. The beauty of reading is that we can build our own spiritual life outside of real life through words. Through a book, we can see not only stories and characters, but also read the author's experience and touch one's spiritual world. Reading has allowed us to transcend the fetters of the secular sense, and life has gradually grown richer.

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