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Cold food festival, can you only eat cold food?

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Cold Food Festival is also known as "No Smoking Festival" and "Cold Festival"

On the day of the Cold Food Festival, there is no smoking and you can only eat cold food.

Today, not many people remember this festival,

Fewer people eat cold food on this day,

More and more people love various foods.

With the pursuit of food, fire-free and smoke-free kitchens are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial kitchens. Of course, building fire-free and smoke-free kitchens cannot be separated from powerful kitchen appliances. Range hood, Xiaobian will teach you a few tips first, give the technical blind, choose the appropriate integrated stove.

Pick big brands that are guaranteed

The threshold for the small home appliance industry is low. As long as a few people are drawn, the mountain can be the king and get a share of the market. This also leads to the confusion in the domestic small home appliance market and the quality of products is uneven. I believe many people have this experience. Sometimes the brand of small appliances bought at home disappears after a few years. If there is an accident in the quality of the product, I don't know where to find the manufacturer.

Integrated stove is a complex system, including electrical system and gas system. If it is not handled properly, it can easily cause explosion danger when gas leaks. The circuit system and gas system of the industry's integrated stove products are basically squeezed under the cooktop panel, which is like a bomb that detonates at any time. Therefore, the purchase of integrated stoves depends on the brand's banner. The brand is a commitment to technology and after-sales. General miscellaneous brands often disappear quietly in the industry's reshuffle. Not only the quality is not hard, but also the long-term after-sales service industry cannot guarantee it.


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Suction and firepower must be greedy and strong

The performance of an integrated stove is good. First of all, look at the suction. When other indicators are kept good, choose products with larger air volume and air pressure values as much as possible, so that the effect of cage smoke and exhaust smoke is good. On the other hand, Chinese people have various methods of frying, frying, cooking, and frying, and they especially like stir-fry. Therefore, the firepower needs to be both large and widely adjusted to meet various cooking needs. The larger the air volume value, the faster and timely exhaust of the oil fume in the kitchen; the greater the air pressure, the smoother the exhaust. At present, there is a large stove with a large air volume on the market. The air volume value can reach 17 ± 1m3 / min and the wind pressure is ≥320Pa. Other brands generally do not tell this data to consumers. They either have no equipment monitoring or they are The wind pressure is too low. Industry integrated stove is generally 3.8kw, and the firepower must be above 4.0kw, cooking is enough. Gas burns more fully and saves gas.


Is it easier to clean

Greasy, dirty hoods need to be removed and cleaned in a few months, which is a time-consuming and laborious project for many people. So for the multi-functional integrated products such as integrated stoves, we must not only pursue good cooking, but also practical, clean and easy-to-care smoke cookers beyond cooking. This must definitely be considered in advance. Here we mainly recommend that the cooktop panel be formed seamlessly, and the stove can also be removed for clean centralized stoves. On the premise of ensuring beautiful and durable, it also makes it easier for consumers to do the cleaning work.

Low noise at work should not exceed 60dB

Range hoods in traditional kitchens are a big source of noise in the kitchen, and long-term listening to noise can easily cause upsets and tinnitus. Therefore, industry standards require that product noise be no more than 60 decibels. The integrated stove uses the most stable motor. The whole machine runs smoothly and has low noise. It can control the noise within 56 decibels, which is at the forefront of the noise reduction industry standard.

Aesthetic fit is also important

The integrated stove is an electrical product, and at the same time, it requires a high degree of matching with the cabinet. Only when the dimensions of the product and the cabinet are coordinated and unified will the overall kitchen be harmonious and beautiful, and in line with our usage habits.

It is said that behind every house decoration, there is always a person who is crazy about it, and all kinds of cares and overthrows that do not conform to the expectations, and always hone the mind of a normal person. The five purchasing guidelines summarized here include the brand, technology and various numerical indicators of purchasing an integrated stove, hoping to help you ease the trouble of home improvement.

Warm reminder: Nostalgic heart is understandable, but everyone knows that eating cold food is not good for the stomach, and certain cold dishes are difficult to ensure nutritional balance. Although we ca n’t do cold food only, we can also smoke free. Be flexible about everything, don't let the health problems of the festival affect everyone's good mood!

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