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Whose twelve constellation's small freshness index do you rank in?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


Aries: 60%

Aries is actually very suitable for small and fresh. Their kind of warm and enthusiastic people make people feel very rustic and innocent at first sight. Such girls often attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Taurus: 10%

Taurus people are more stubborn and conservative. They do n’t understand a life or attitude such as Xiao Qingxin. They may be born simple, everything is so transparent, it seems not good.

Gemini: 40%

Faced with Xiaoxin, the Geminis show more pursuit of reality. They all yearn for Xiaoxin's lifestyle, but because of reality, they can only lead a good life.

Cancer: 50%

Cancer's emotions are very keen, and Cancer girls are very gentle, making many people feel fresh and elegant, and small freshness will also be reflected in this constellation.

Leo: 45%

Leo girls are not suitable for small freshness. Girls have a taste of female man. On the contrary, Leo boys are very quiet and elegant, making it easier to feel his little freshness.

Virgo: 70%

For Virgo, who is pursuing perfection in everything, life is simple and natural. In fact, it is also a good lifestyle and a good choice. Simple life is often what they yearn for.

Libra: 55%

Spring breeze is not as good as you

In the strict sense of Libra, I am not a little fresh at all. But in fact, you have the essence of Xiaoxin, and you have a simple heart in your heart.

Scorpio: 85%

The silence and loneliness make Scorpio seem to be isolated from the world and return to that simple world. In that small and fresh world, they may be able to find themselves and talk to their hearts.

Sagittarius: 20%

All Sagittarians have an aggressive attitude, and Xiao Qing's fresh life is not suitable for them. Returning to simplicity, they are more eager to do what they want to do to achieve their ideals.

Capricorn: 65%

Capricorns have their own two sides. Your ideal pursuit is exactly similar to Xiao Qingxin's style, but the reality is to pursue materialism, but maybe to give up the small Qingxin in your heart in order to achieve your ideal.

Aquarius: 90%

Aquarius people may not care much about other people's opinions and pay more attention to whether they insist on their own ideas and practices. This is very similar to Xiaoqing's fresh style. Being a type of person you like is what you always aspire to.

Pisces: 85%

The yearning for love and pursuing that simple and beautiful love is the dream of Pisces girls, which also reflects their small and fresh characteristics. In the face of love, the small and fresh is what they long for.

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