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Half-naked widow's new movie is not so bad, Xiao Bai is completely acceptable

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Tell me, you started this article purely.

Because, this new movie of Widowmaker did not take off:

Ghost in the Shell

& 《攻壳机动队》的巨大IP带来的空前关注Fans who have great interest in this movie are nothing more than these three factors: the visual feast brought by widows & American blockbusters and the unprecedented attention brought by the huge IP of Ghost in the Shell

But so far, the live-action movie Douban scores 6.3 points, which is far lower than the animated version of 8.9 points.

,硬生生改编成了一个不良少女寻找自我的过程。 "Ghost in the Shell" fans said that this score is very kind, because the live version is completely reduced to an American style blockbuster. The essence of the animated version is the philosophical speculation about the evolution and reproduction of life forms, the implantation and stripping of human consciousness Adapted into a bad girl looking for herself. @ 同志 亦 凡人 中文 网

Also joined the love scene of "Romeo and Juliet" stupidly.

,不要被豆瓣和其他影评的消极评论影响。 However, for fans who do n’t know the background of Ghost in the Shell, this movie can be seen and should not be affected by the negative reviews by Douban and other film critics.

The most unfortunate is what we think is a qualified popcorn movie.

---------- Here is the small white dividing line ----------

大行其道。 The setting of the story is that in a society with highly developed information in the future, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is popular. Thanks to excellent biochemical technology, human organs can be copied at will.

Biochemical humans, bionic humans, and humans coexist on the earth and cannot be identified by the naked eye. Many people's bodies have ports connected to the Internet, and the body has become a container for human souls.

,可以理解为正常人从出生到目前为止所存储的所有记忆And this "soul" can be understood as all the memories that normal people have stored since birth.

When the immaterial symbol of information began to have a human mode of thinking and was parasitic on robots without life features, an unconventional "human-machine" war began.

就是电影中的“反派”。 Jiu Shi is the villain in the movie.

维持 社会秩序的官方代表,以荒卷大辅 Daisuke Araki as the official representative of maintaining social order 为领导的公安九课应运而生。 (Kitano Takeshi) The Nine Lessons of Public Security for the leadership came into being.

是其中一员。 And Shao Zuo (widow sister) is one of them. 的生化人,具有冷静的头脑和卓绝的战斗技能。 In addition to his brain and part of the spinal cord, he is a prosthetic biochemical person with a calm mind and outstanding fighting skills.

For the otaku, the widow is the right one.

First of all, in the animated version, Satoko Naked is naked when performing characters.

Therefore, based on the perception of widow sisters by the majority of otakus in the world, you know.

But it never occurred to her that Widow appeared in the form of an optical cloak, as defined by Shoko, half-naked .

Although the career line did not reveal a little bit, but the witty sister's exuberant sexy, even the Nangongmei greatly admired.

Secondly, the calm and brave character of the widow sister in "Reunion" fits Shao Zuosuzi's image very well.

As a traditional American popcorn movie, visual effects are definitely one of the standard features.

I have to say that the huge holographic projection in the movie is amazing.

Wherever I look, all are holographic advertisements for tall buildings, and the streets are full of big fish, puppies, kittens, and so on. The term "everything is extremely useful" can be highly generalized.

The two-dimensional effect is full of technological sense, and the 3D senses are even more delicate.This is the first time that Shoko can enjoy such an excellent holographic visual feast in the theater.

However, the visual effect that consumes such huge financial resources is also difficult to conceal its usefulness: this is only a setting for the background of the film era, and it has no substantial effect on the development of the plot and the molding of characters.

Just think of it as a means of willingly contributing movie tickets for this film.

To be honest, it's worth it.

However, Shao Zuo went down from the top of the building, broke through the window and entered the pistol with special effects.

战车 等等非常逼真的高科技玩意,很容易能与传统科幻大片中的机甲战车区别开来。 Spider-like Japanese geishas, thinking chariots, and other very realistic high-tech gadgets can easily be distinguished from mech chariots in traditional science fiction blockbusters.

However, it is a pity that the stunning paintings and high-level plots continued abruptly in the second half:

的烂俗梗上。 At the end of the movie, I put it on the stubborn stalk looking for "Who am I + the original long time is my male ticket" .

Once such a plot setting appeared, those traditional American blockbuster routines instantly drowned the core of Ghost in the Shell, and the exquisite plot setting before it collapsed.

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This is also the place where shell powder is most criticized @Astronaut

Don't make Kusanagi Suko vulgar into a resistance to any organization, yearning for freedom, the pursuit of truth, Kusanagi Suko is not pursuing this.

And with a group of white people to interpret the unique philosophy of the East, no matter how physically similar, you can't find that feeling in your mind.

Shao Zuo was a Japanese before his death, and was white when he woke up.

However, there are several pictures in the live version that are very similar to the animated version, which have attracted many shell fans.

是少佐 片头跳楼和片尾拔掉思考战车中心枢纽时,撕裂的胳膊的镜头冲击力十足。 Especially when Shao Zuo jumped off the building at the beginning and pulled off the center of the thinking tank at the end of the film, the lens of the torn arm was full of impact.

的直观感受是,电影传达出的思想非常晦涩,仅看一遍是不能有深刻理解的。 To tell the truth, Xiangzi's intuitive feeling when watching the animated version of "Ghost in the Shell" is that the ideas conveyed by the movie are very obscure, and you can't have a deep understanding just by looking at it once.

It wasn't until I read a lot of readings that I felt Ghost in the Shell was very unusual, even insane.

Therefore, the following section draws on a lot of film reviews about Daniel and Douban to appreciate this landmark film and television work together.

---------- Here is the dividing line of shell powder ----------

不关心人类,甚至不关心自己,如此自我疏离也使得自己 更加孤独。 Unlike the live-action version of Shao Zuo, she has no family memories, does not care about humans, and even does not care about herself. Such self- isolation also makes herself more lonely.

下,素子的思考维度已经不是真人版中单纯的“我从哪里来,要到哪里去”的 个体追求 了。 Parasitic in such a lifeless body (prosthetic body) , the dimension of Suzi's thinking is no longer the pursuit of the individual "where do I come from, where do I go" in the live-action version .

:对人与机器关系有相当冷静广阔的思考。 She has risen to a larger pattern : she has a fairly calm and broad thinking about the relationship between man and machine.

What kind of talents can be called "people"? Is a speculative robot a life?

The existence of the ideology of body and soul, or physical and spiritual world, which drives the other?

It all overlaps in Ghost in the Shell.

In the story, everyone has a Ghost, which carries the individual consciousness, including the memories of the past, the current values and the desires of the future.

Highly developed technology has embodied human consciousness, that is, binary code.

进行编码、存储、迁移,以及特殊情况下的修改,将本来不可捉摸的灵魂ghost数字化,然后通过计算机网络的虚拟空间给了它一个自由伸展的空间。 Through information technology , the memory of the brain is encoded, stored, migrated, and modified under special circumstances to digitize the ghost, which is otherwise elusive, and then give it a free stretching space through the virtual space of the computer network.

脱离了人的控制 ,转而寄生到没有生命特征的机器上,在如此庞大的虚拟空间自由发挥,海量的信息可能诱发质变。 Once consciousness breaks out of human control and is parasitic to a machine with no vital characteristics, and free to play in such a huge virtual space, mass information may induce qualitative changes.

In this way, it is terrifying to think carefully!

When the network information has self-awareness and controls the robot, then the robot's various functions can throw out several galaxies of human beings, and humans will then be like a pile of obsolete parts that can be replaced at any time.

This is not alarmist. According to Darwin's "natural selection" theory of biological evolution, such a reasoning interpretation is fine.

、少佐 以及产生人类思考能力的反派久世 ,这三个递进的具象化物体就是很好的例子。 Whether it is the thinking chariot , Shao Zuo in the live version or the animated version , and the villain Jiu Shi who produces human thinking ability, these three progressive concrete objects are a good example.

Thinking tanks can respond to wartime situations, but it is still unable to get rid of human control; Shao Zuo, as a "human brain + robotic body", uses consciousness to manipulate physical behavior; and the real existence form of Jiuse is digital information.

But he can be parasitic to any machine like a thinking tank.

It would be more interesting (contemplating the face) if the above macroscopic shaped individuals are transformed into microscopic branched individuals.

,个体的再生是否等于个体的复制? When a person's memory or consciousness is converted into binary code, when pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on the keyboard, does the reproduction of the individual equal the reproduction of the individual?

If a human being is called a living body with a unique piece of DNA, why can't a robot with a unique program?

Human beings reproduce by copying DNA, so does the program have the right to copy and evolve autonomously?

As man and the body become more and more inseparable, and when one can achieve eternal life by replacing the body, how should life and machinery be defined, and where is the boundary between them?

Go one step further.

In the process of successfully transforming the "living body" from the human flesh to the ideological robot, did the flesh carry the soul or did the soul achieve the body?

The reason why we are "human" is because of our human body or because we have a "human" soul?

This is like the age-old and interesting question: whether there is a chicken or an egg first.

However, it is now certain that human beings, whether they are consciousness or soul, are based on the physical material body. Consciousness and soul will eventually disappear as the body ages and dies.

However, the AI robots described in "Ghost in the Shell" said that would not be the case.

Therefore, the anxiety expressed by the animated version of "Ghost in the Shell" expressed in the AI movie, we still need to take a moment to find out.

Because in the laws of nature,

There is no such thing as "human beings are customizing regulations."

It is recommended to watch the live version first, and then watch the animated version a few more times.

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