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Two trees, which one do you cut? He who understands is terrible.

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The old professor asked, "If you go to the mountain to cut a tree, there are exactly two trees in front of it, one thick and the other thin. Which one would you cut?"

As soon as the problem came out, everyone said, "Of course we cut that thick one."

The old professor smiled and said, "The thick one is just an ordinary poplar, and the thin one is red pine. Which one will you cut now?"

As soon as we thought that Korean pine was more precious, we said, "Of course, Korean pine is cut, and poplars are not worth it!"

The old professor looked at us with a constant smile and asked: "If the poplar is straight and the red pine is twisted, which one will you cut?"

We felt a little puzzled and said, "If that's the case, we still cut the poplars. The pines are crooked and they can't do anything!"

The old professor's eyes flickered, and we guessed that he would have to add conditions again. Sure enough, he said: "Although the poplar is straight, because it is too old, most of it is empty. At this time, which one will you cut?"

Although he didn't understand what medicine was sold in the gourd of the old professor, we still proceeded from the conditions given by him and said, "It's still cutting the red pine. The middle of the poplar is empty, let alone useless!"

The old professor then asked, "Although the Korean pine is not hollow, it is twisted so much that it is very difficult to cut. Which one would you cut?"

We didn't even think about what conclusions he wanted to reach, and said, "Then cut the poplar. It's also useless, of course, it's easy to cut it!"

The old professor gasped again and asked, "But there is a bird's nest above the poplar. Several young birds are hiding in the nest. Which one will you cut?"

Finally, someone asked, "Professor, what on earth do you want to tell us? What do you test?"

The old professor put a smile away and said, "Why don't you ask yourself why the tree was cut? Although my conditions are constantly changing, the final result depends on your original motivation. If you want to get firewood, you cut it Poplar trees; if you want to make crafts, cut red pines. Of course you won't go up the mountain with an ax to cut trees for no reason! "

一个人,只有心中先有了目标,做事的时候才不会被各种条件和现象迷惑。 This story tells us: a person, only when he has a goal in mind, will not be confused by various conditions and phenomena when doing things. Is your goal clear? Think about it, come on!

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