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Feng Yajun's "Jie Chengtian Temple Night Tour" Running Video

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Father and mother were robbed

Feng Yajun, a native of Fengxiang, Shaanxi, currently lives in Changsha. He graduated from Baoji Normal School, China Academy of Fine Arts, Shaanxi Normal University, master's degree in calligraphy, lecturer, and editor in charge.

The calligraphy works won the third prize in the "National College Honest Administration Calligraphy and Painting Competition" by the Ministry of Education, and were selected in the "Eighth National Calligraphy Exhibition", in the "First Western China Calligraphy Exhibition", "The First Self-made Poetry and Calligraphy Exhibition in Shaanxi Province", " Shaanxi Provincial Linshu Exhibition "(winning works)," Shaanxi Provincial Linshu Exhibition "," Xi'an Famous Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition "," Beijing and Xiangjiang Famous Calligraphy Invitation Exhibition "," Zhejiang-Shaanxi, Hunan and Guizhou Four Provinces Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition ", etc. exhibition.

The academic paper "Mi Mi's thoughts on calligraphy from <Haiyue Mingyan>" was published in "Artistic Life · Art China" No. 10, 2010, and "Calligraphic Center's Examination with Pen" was published in the core periodical "Art Observation" in 2012. Issue 6.

Editor-in-chief: 10 types of series of "Enlarged Folds of Classical Books of Ancient Dynasties" (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House), 5 series of "Books of Ancient Japanese Legal Books" (Elephant Press); Participated in the compilation of full-time compulsory education textbooks by the Ministry of Education "Primary School Calligraphy Practice Guide" (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House); academic monograph "Research on the use of calligraphy pens", published by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House in December 2015.

Feng Yajun's "Study on Calligraphic Pens"

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