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      When the victim deliberately causes traffic accident losses and the loss of all the property of the insured and the property on the insured motor vehicle are not covered by the compensation and advance payment of strong insurance. :医药费、诊疗费、住院费、住院伙食补助费、必要合理的后续治疗费、整容费、营养费。 Medical expenses include : medical expenses, diagnosis and treatment expenses, hospitalization expenses, hospitalization meal subsidies, necessary and reasonable follow-up treatment expenses, cosmetic expenses, and nutrition expenses.丧葬费、死亡补偿费、办理丧葬事宜的交通费、残疾赔偿金、残疾辅助器具费、护理费、康复费、交通费、被扶养人生活费、住宿费、误工费、通过判决或调解产生的精神损害抚慰金。 Death and disability expenses include : funeral expenses, death compensation fees, transportation expenses for handling funeral matters, disability compensation, disability assistive equipment expenses, nursing expenses, rehabilitation expenses, transportation expenses, dependents' living expenses, accommodation expenses, lost-time expenses, passing Relief for mental damage from judgment or mediation.

。 Final premium = basic premium × (1+ floating ratio associated with road traffic accidents) × (1+ floating ratio A associated with traffic safety violations) .

Factors and ratios of fluctuations in premium rates

有责任道路交通事故,浮动比率-10% A1: No responsible road traffic accident occurred in the previous year , the floating rate is -10%

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有责任道路交通事故,浮动比率-20% A2: No responsible road traffic accidents occurred in the last two years , and the floating rate is -20%

有责任道路交通事故,浮动比率-30% A3: No responsible road traffic accidents occurred in the last three years , and the floating rate is -30%

一次有责任不涉及死亡的道路交通事故,浮动比率0% A4: There was a road traffic accident that was responsible for no deaths in the previous year , with a floating rate of 0%

两次有责任不涉及死亡的道路交通事故,浮动比率10% A5: There were two road traffic accidents that were not responsible for death in the previous year , with a floating rate of 10%

有责任道路交通死亡事故,浮动比率30% A6: Responsible road traffic fatalities occurred in the previous year , with a floating rate of 30%

家庭自用车、非营业客车、营业客车、非营业货车、营业货车、特种车、摩托车和拖拉机等八大类42小类车型保险费率各不相同,对同一车型,全国执行统一价格。 The basic rates for paying strong insurance are divided into 42 types . The insurance rates for the four major sub-categories of 42 types , including family cars, non-business buses, business buses, non-business trucks, business trucks, special vehicles, motorcycles and tractors , are different. The same model price is uniform across the country. The following is just a selection of family cars:

等,它最大的作用是保障机动车发生道路交通事故造成受害人的损失。 Paying strong insurance is only one of the many insurances. For example, there is also a third party insurance . Its biggest function is to protect the victims of road traffic accidents caused by motor vehicles. However, this does not mean that the driver can run wildly on the road without paying responsibility. No matter who is responsible for a traffic accident, I believe everyone is unwilling to drive safely and minimize the occurrence of traffic accidents.

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