www.99hg3 com The world's most healthy schedule for rest and rest, follow this in the future

The world's most healthy schedule for rest and rest, follow this in the future

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7:00 is the best time to get up, and the body is ready for everything.
Turn on the table lamp, tell every part of the body, wake up from sleep as soon as possible, and adjust the biological clock.
When you wake up, you need a cup of warm water. Water is an essential substance for thousands of chemical reactions in the body. Drinking water helps every cell that is dehydrated to regain vitality .

7: 20-8: 00 Breakfast
Breakfast must be eaten, there is nothing to explain!
Focusing on work and study in the morning requires normal blood sugar to maintain, so preparing a rich breakfast for himself and him is a must.

8: 30-9: 00 Avoid exercise
Early morning is not the best time to exercise, because at this time the immune system is weakest, you can choose to walk to work, but it is very healthy.

9: 00-10: 30 schedule the most difficult job
The best time to study and work, the clearest time, the clearest time.
Don't spend your precious time watching movies and shopping on Taobao.

10:30 Eyes need to rest for a while
Looking out the window, my eyes are tired and I need to rest for a while.

11:00 Have some fruit
Eating fruit in the morning is gold, and the nutrition of the fruit can be fully adopted by the body.
Please lower blood sugar at this time, the body can not concentrate on work, fruit is the best food for meals.

12: 00-12: 30 Don't forget to eat more beans for lunch
12: 00-12: 30 Don't forget to eat more beans for lunch

13: 00-14: 00 take a nap
A 30-minute lunch break will energize you and, more importantly, be healthier.
Shopping on Taobao and chatting will not help you to ease your sleepiness, but will become more drowsy after stopping. Of course, the best way to rest is to take a nap.

16:00 a cup of yogurt
Yogurt is a healthy snack with no burden.
Yogurt can keep blood sugar stable while helping intestinal digestion, and studies have found that drinking yogurt is very good for the health of the cardiovascular system.

19:00 Best Exercise Time
Take a break after dinner and you can start working out.
You can choose to take a relatively gentle brisk walk, or you can jog or swim, and exercise according to your personal needs. You can consume dinner calories and lose weight easily. The most important thing is not only your exercise time is more than 40 minutes, but also long-term persistence.

20:00 Watch TV or read a book
Watching TV or books and magazines while working too hard will make you more relaxed.
If you want to learn more, you might as well read some professional books. This is very important for your personal accumulation.

22:00 take a hot bath
Helps the body cool and clean, which is good for relaxation and sleep.

22:30 Go to bed
In order to ensure adequate sleep and various body systems, it is time to sleep.
Trying to reverse the biological clock's schedule will leave no traces on the body. After 35 years of age, you will understand what it means to be sick.

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