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Just to give you a tidy home-an interview with Auntie Xie from Huamao Property Cleaning

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,一个平常的岗位名称,一群普通的人员组合。 Cleaning , a common job name, a group of ordinary personnel. Such figures have been traveling through the parks. Every morning in the morning on the morning fog to work, the sky full of greetings to them. Every evening in the evening, they go home in twilight, and a little bit of starlight escorts them! Whenever they see them, they are always busy. A broom never leaves, the handle of the wooden handle has long been polished and shiny; a rag is always pinned around the waist, and the color is always so old. They are so ordinary that they are never watched. But in Huamao, they are the most important part and the most adorable Huamao people respected!

"I like rubbing this rubbing or mopping the floor. If you let me idle, I can't stand it!" Aunt Zhang always said to the editor in the interview.

52岁的谢阿姨已经在华茂物业做保洁员一年多了。 Auntie Xie, 52, has been a cleaner at Huamao Property for over a year. Auntie Xie said that she is a labor-loving person. She is tough and she finds a job to make use of her residual heat!


,采访谢阿姨。 Early in the morning, I went to the Park Holiday Sales Department to interview Auntie Xie.

Q: Auntie Xie, when did you come to work in Huamao?

It was more than a year in January last year.

Q: Where does your family live? How do you usually come to work?

7点多起床。 My family lives nearby and gets up at 7am every day . Then I have to take a tram to work, it's almost 8 o'clock in the company.

Q: What are your main tasks?

I am in charge of the cleaning of the sales department. I return to work every day and start working. Mainly cleaning the negotiation table, the ground, fire equipment and so on.

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Q: What do you think of your job?

As a cleaner, the most important job is to ensure the environment in your area. Giving the owner a clean and tidy home is what I want most.

During the interview, Auntie Xie kept rubbing this rubbing, that seemed to her to be accustomed to it. Although busy, she did not see a trace of boredom. Until the end of the interview, she was still wiping the door.

They don't have their own desks and chairs, and the group community that everyone is responsible for is their work place. In the corridor, there are their busy figures everywhere in the parking lot. No matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, no matter the wind or sun, they always stick to their posts. We are proud and proud of this, because they are glorious cleaners and the most beautiful Huamao people!

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