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Do you know the language requirements of a Japanese study visa?

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For students studying in Japan, the study visa application is a vital part of the application process. Japan's Immigration Bureau is divided into regions in Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, etc. have their own review standards. The examination criteria for international students are different in each region. And with the changes in Japan's visa policy, the focus has shifted from reviewing economic materials to reviewing learning abilities. Japanese proficiency has become an important consideration for applying for a study visa. Depending on the level of school chosen, the requirements for Japanese language proficiency vary greatly. So, what are the language requirements for a Japanese study visa?

I. Graduate students, graduate schools

This type of application generally only accepts the results of the Japanese Proficiency Test, reminding applicants to pay attention.

1. Arts students. For Japanese majors, it is best to have a grade in the Japanese Proficiency Test. Students in law, management, and economics majors are also required to provide a grade 2 or higher in the Japanese Proficiency Test.

2. Science, engineering, agriculture, and medical students. Japanese is required to have a level 2 and can provide a level 3 or higher.

3. Art students. Requires a grade 2 or higher in Japanese.

Language schools

1. For recent high school, college, and undergraduate graduates, each Immigration Bureau requires students to provide as much as possible the level of F in the jtest, the level 4 in the NAT test, or the level 4 in the Japanese language proficiency test.

2. The Japanese requirements for previous graduates and third-school students are to require students to provide as much as possible the E-level of the jtest test, the third-level test of the NAT test, or the third-level test of the Japanese proficiency test. Most language schools require the above Japanese grades, and some top language schools may have higher requirements. If students can provide the above Japanese results, then the school's admission and "residence" application success rate will undoubtedly increase by one grade. However, it is not that the above results are not provided, and the visa is hopeless. The Immigration Bureau will also determine whether the applicant has worked hard to learn Japanese and has the ability to study in Japan based on the student's results.

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Colleges, junior colleges and universities

In principle, these schools require students to provide a grade 2 in the Japanese Proficiency Test or a grade D in the jtest test. If the student does not have a corresponding certificate, then the Japanese exam of these schools is also close to the second level. Since Chinese students are not advised to choose such applications, they will not be repeated here.

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