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Hezi Town: Qingming fire prevention to prevent "flame"

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The annual Qingming Festival is the heaviest period of forest fire prevention work. In order to ensure fire safety during the Qingming Festival, strictly enforce the system of team members on duty during the Qingming holiday. At the same time, town officials, village cadres and forest guards on duty are required to strengthen Patrol, guard against death, and focus on the key points, do a good job of propaganda work for the masses who go uphill to grave sweep, especially the masses carrying firecrackers, candles, incense, paper money and other items, must immediately persuade, severely crack down on illegal and illegal fire use, strengthen inspections Intensify the control and control of key areas, so as to detect the fire in time, report in time, and extinguish it in time.

Fire prevention publicity banners were hanged in the villages to make the fire prevention concept popular among the people.

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A preaching inspection team was set up to publicize fire prevention knowledge in the densely populated areas of the town and villages, and went deep into the mountains and forests to conduct fire safety inspections.

The town's government officials and village "two committees" earnestly follow the requirements of forest fire prevention work, roll up their sleeves and work hard, set fire checkpoints at major intersections, ranger patrols and WeChat public accounts, propaganda vehicles, and banners Propaganda was carried out in various forms and other forms to create a civilized grave sweeping and forest fire prevention atmosphere. Town and village cadres on duty were on standby 24 hours and found that the fire was put out in time.

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