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Good April: Complete Film List and Schedule for the 7th North Film Festival

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If you have been hit by the collective sound waves of Antonioni, David Lynch, Shi Zhihe, Mitani Koki, Jacques Tati, Ryazanov , don't worry, wait to fall to the ground. Shake with Xiaobian to see today's release:

In the last few days, the core meaning of the festival's screening has been discussed in the fan group. Regarding this issue, we also have a flow here: Film festival screenings are never just porters of explosive films. We also hope to use the platform of the film festival exhibition to go boating and silver sea to pick up the treasures; juxtaposition of new and old, to trace the context; In addition, diversified interaction: such as text and picture exhibitions, silent film soundtracks, film critics' guides, both are film festival exhibition The characteristics are where the culture of the film is cultivated.

Therefore, we sincerely dedicate the third episode with our hands, and with the freshly released movie schedule, we will make a special tour unique to the film festival for everyone.

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"like you"

As the opening film of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival in Beijing , "Like You" is about to premiere worldwide on April 8. The fantasy love story is coupled with the old male god Takeshi Kaneshiro , and after the new movie, Zhou Dongyu , sweet interaction and full of fun. ,并且监制陈可辛 、导演许宏宇将来到影院与各位影迷见面交流。 At the same time, the superstar Jincheng Wu will be airborne at the screening site to unveil the North Film Festival exhibition unit , and the producer Chen Kexin and director Xu Hongyu will come to the theater to meet and exchange with fans.

Mrs. Dong

To go to the film festival to watch a movie, be sure to watch a movie that you usually don't see.

For you to recommend: to Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas, the invitation process is comparable to the detective novel "Mrs. Dong" . This movie fan has been searching for more than ten years and has a rare lineup of classics. It is the representative work of Hong Kong avant-garde alternative female director Tang Shuxuan . It has the breath of "Spring in a Small Town" and the spirit of bold experimentation. The delicate portrayal of women's "loneliness" psychology shines in the flowing music and clips.

A String of Pearls

Together with the "Sound of Silence Chinese Silent Film Music Festival" team, the black and white silent film "A String of Pearls" included in the literati film will meet the audience in the form of live music . The representative work of this "Great Wall" problem drama is adapted from Maupassant's short story "The Necklace" . The family and moral issues involved are organically linked by "vanity".

Angel on the Road (US)

"Angel of the Road" (middle)

The special screening unit juxtaposes the American silent film "Angel of the Road" with the Chinese sound film "Angel of the Road" , comparing the skilled Hollywood narrative in 1928 with the superb scene scheduling skills in Chinese films that just passed the sound period in 1937. Integrate different social backgrounds and reflect the feelings between women.

The King of Comedy

To watch a movie at a film festival, be sure to watch a high-quality audiovisual high-fidelity movie.

In the new repair unit, Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro collaborate again after "Taxi Driver" to create the great irony of "The King of Comedy" ; Mel Gibson's classic epic " In Brave Heart , Sophie Marceau 's face is beautifully halo on the big screen; in addition, the documentary unit presents a 3D version of the "Florence and Uffizi Gallery" , with its beautiful appearance and its hidden The stories in the video seem to be at your fingertips, and they will always remain fresh, even after a hundred years, they are no longer beautiful.

Endless Poetry

This year's North Film Festival masters gather, and in the limited light and shadow screening on the screen, you can also see the concentrated life of art creators. For the avatars of these muse manipulating images, there are video works focusing on their lives. The biographical film " Endless Poetry" about the life of the magical realist master Alessandro Zodolovsky, and the personal story of the film cameraman Wilmoz Zigmund "Contacting Zigmund" , both Intriguing because of its unique perspective.

The Lumiere brothers , the inventors of movies and film projectors, are the two most brilliant stars in the history of cinema. "Lumiere! "The Adventure Begins" assembled 114 short films, which are classified into different 95-minute videos according to different themes. It certainly contains the classic "Train Station", "The Gate of the Factory", "Watering Gardener" , and more interestingly, there are three different versions of "The Gate of the Factory" . This film is not only a retrospective of the Lumiere brothers, but also a carnival of film history.

As one of the most successful independent filmmakers in American cinema today, Richard Linklater is purely self-taught. This "Richard Linklater: Living by Dream" will open new doors for us. Get to know this rebellious youth cultural director who is popular in major film festivals.

Master of Memory

《记忆大师》 将于电影节期间 全球首映The speed of the North Film Festival plus a fast horse, 2017's eye-catching new Chinese work "Master of Memory" will premiere worldwide during the film festival . Based on the brain-burning and suspense of the previous work "The Master of Hypnosis", adding more delicate and soft emotional elements and intricate crime stories, it really makes people look forward to it.


The Knife in Clear Water

Wang Xuebo dazzled with fog last year, and Anzhe's "The Knife in the Clear Water" received numerous international acclaim. Forty days after the funeral in a desolate mountain village in the northwest, with a 4: 3 vintage frame, it is full of power and ritual. The film has a good balance between realism and formalism. It is a masterpiece of Chinese independent films in 2016.

Hong Kong-made youth film is a force that cannot be underestimated recently. The combination of Hong Kong, youth and sports is the first time I have encountered it. "Five Steps" , with Hong Kong's first Chinese youth baseball team as the background, we hope Hong Kong people Like the Shayan team, the spirit of athleticism that ignited blood was "on the pitcher hill, you will not turn back", shouldering the courage to take half a step. The head coach of the Shayan team is Mr. Liao Qizhi , a TVB veteran.

This time, in cooperation with the China Film Directors Association , we invited three masterpieces such as "Gate to Live", "Questions That Can not Be A Problem" and "Holding Your Mind" . From the ordinary world and characters, these films depicting the creator's life traces and humanistic care are infused with fantasy colors, and sometimes show the charm that has been set up with enthusiasm and passion.

The Birth of a Country

The best film of the 67th Berlin Film Festival, "Meat and Spirit" , is a surreal love story written by the director, soul, hormones and love at first sight. What are the determinants of making love? You are invited to explore the soul love before the physical encounter in the 116 minutes of light and shadow with the protagonist; The Birth of a Country , which won the Sundance Jury Award , tells the story of the black pastor Knight. Significant.

I am Black

In the field of animated films, France has been leading the high-precision ice romance. Ink animation "Girl without hands" , stop-motion animation "Life of Zucchini" , hand-painted style "Red Turtle" , French animation creators are obsessed with freehand spirit, just like the natural fashion sense of French women, only by grasping the beauty of charm Pleasant.

Isabelle Hupper's "Future Things" and "She" , one is a bitter drama of real life, the other is a bizarre case of suspense. 《私人采购员》 获得第69届戛纳电影节最佳导演奖的 奥利维耶·阿萨亚斯 ,拍摄了迷惑在巴黎的 克里斯汀·斯图尔特 ,她游走在巴黎的时尚圈中与压抑的生活之中。 Olivier Assayas , who won the 69th Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award for "Personal Buyer" , filmed Kristen Stewart , who was confused in Paris. In a depressed life.

Reflecting the British unit, "I am Black" with a clear and unpretentious structure, straight through the heart to win the Golden Palm award at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, and recently, the Italian film David Award for the best European film honor In your pocket. The major themes of class and politics involved in this British social photo are reflected on the ordinary people.

《伦敦一家人》 ,以一对普通英国夫妇的视角,描绘了上世纪20-70年代的风云变幻。 The animated film "The London Family" , from the perspective of an ordinary British couple, depicts the changes in the 1920s and 1970s.

"Seeing Nowhere"

The Beijing comedy "Let's See Everyone" is almost the most popular in Feng's New Year's Comedy. The young uncle Ge and the flamboyant Xu Fan are a sweet pair, even the ridiculous sadness in the movie. It is also easy and witty. The same protagonist, Da Za Ba , describes more of the helpless little people in the background of the big age, black humor and Beijing in the 1990s, performing a love comedy under the cold sky.

"Wrestling! father"

"Wrestling! "Dad" is a new masterpiece of "Indian Andy Lau" Amir Khan . He is not only challenging the physical limits, but also the entire values of Indian society. Wrestling! "Dad" is not only a super-long version different from the theater, but also a national premiere, and will also welcome the main creative meeting.

How many people have occupied the youthful "Titanic" , will have another gorgeous encounter with the audience in the theater. 20th Anniversary of the premiere, who will be watching with you this time?

The following is the full version of the film list, please put away:

Publicity Team of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival

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