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Speaking | "Fireflies" used to be

Public number: Drama Media Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:47:53

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Dragon Fighter Awakening Energy

Fireflies (adapted from the lyrics "Fireflies" by Tan Zhongchi) recitation: once possible

Fireflies fireflies

Beautiful firefly

You are the eyes of the night,

Flying lantern

Full of autumn joy

Floating across the harvest field

Tell a good story

Take my heart

Fly into the mysterious night sky!

Fireflies fireflies

Cute firefly

You are a flash fairy

Magic Hall Plug-in

Dream bee

Dancing spring silk

With a smile of flowers

Singing happy ballads

Carry my heart

Fly into the brilliant night sky!

,湖南浏阳人,曾任浏阳县县长,潇湘电影制片厂厂长,长沙市市长、湖南省政协副主席、湖南省文联主席等职。 About the author: Tan Zhongchi , a native of Liuyang, Hunan, has served as the county head of Liuyang County, the director of Xiaoxiang Film Studio, the mayor of Changsha City, the vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and the chairman of the Hunan Provincial Cultural Federation. The representative works published are: Poems "Basho Rain", "Dream of the Moon", "Years and Dreams", "Water and Paradise", prose collections "Road to Life and Rain", "Love in Liuyang River", "Heaven of the Soul", and novel "Saving the Bright "Once upon a time". He has composed more than 100 lyrics, and has more influences such as "Sunshine Movement", "Blessing the Motherland", "You Are a Tree" and so on.

,湖南第一师范学院附属第二小学一年级学生。 Narrator: Yes , once , a first-year student of the second primary school attached to Hunan First Normal University.

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