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Like and love the most classic interpretation.

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Xia Bing

Love is love at first sight,

Love is long-lasting.

Like to reach out to you,

Love is holding your hand tightly.

Like is to say that you are mine.

Love is saying in my heart that I am yours.

Like to "want to get closer",

Love is "inseparable".

Like two words followed by "play".

Love is often followed by the word "treasure".

Fold her down like a flower,

From afar

Love a flower and water her.

Like is the joy you get,

Love is the relief given.

When you think of her, she likes to laugh at her mouth,

Love is the second the heart stops.

Like how I approach him;

Love is how I deserve him.

If the like is broken, replace it with a new one;

When love is broken, repair it.


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