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The "Xinghua Village" dispute pointed out by the shepherd boy: Is your hometown involved? 丨 Original

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"In the Qingming season, there were rains, and people wanted to sacrifice their souls on the road. By asking where the restaurant is, shepherds point to Xinghua Village." Du Tang Mu in the late Tang Dynasty, "Qingming"; However, you see its well-known ending; perhaps, you don't know its confusing fate.

It is said that there is no problem in finding people and asking for directions, but there are exceptions to everything. The shepherd's finger is not as powerful as the "one finger", "the finger of the rhinoceros" and the "finger diamond finger", but it points out an eternal question: Where is the "Xinghua Village" in the poem? Regarding this case, there have always been divergent opinions and different opinions, and so far no conclusion has been made. Among them, the three most involved are the following:

Xinghua Village, Fenyang, Shanxi

There is no hate for no reason, no love for no reason. The reason why Xinghua Village in Fenyang has the highest voice is that it is originally a long-established "liquor capital". During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, it was famous for brewing and drinking here. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, apricot trees were planted here, and the name of Xinghua Village was born. In addition, the legends we have traced in those years, such as "Shenjingyong Wine", "Eight Immortals" "Ma Plan Shenquan", "Chuang Wang Lishu", "Xinghua Fairy" and so on all originate here. Du Mu once walked along the Bingzhou Road (as evidenced by a poem in "Bingzhou Road"). As an excellent poet, he not only has to walk, but also writes poems. It is not difficult to imagine that he is tired and thirsty. Hearing Xinghua Village It is not impossible to turn the horse's head and ask for a glass of wine. Bingzhou, equivalent to today's Taiyuan, is more than one hundred and fifty miles away from Fenyang, and it is not far off to touch the shepherd boy.

Xinghua Village, Macheng, Hubei, the most famous

Sengoku ol

Xinghua Village, Macheng, Hubei (Data source map)

Macheng Xinghua Village is a must pass from Huangzhou to Mulan Mountain, and Du Mu has been to Mulan Mountain during the history of Huangzhou assassination (as evidenced by a poem titled "Magnolia Temple"). Therefore, it is very possible for him to pass through Macheng and have a drink. More than two hundred years later, when Su Shi was degraded to Huangzhou because of the "Wutai Poetry Case", he passed by this place. He visited Chen Xing, a friend living in Xinghua Village, and sent him a poem. The last two sentences were: " Suddenly hedong lion roared, and the pole fell into the palm of his hand. "In this way," hedong lion roared "was born in the poem" Apricot Tip Fragrance Break "(Su Shi's" Butterfly Love, Rain and Sparse Sutra, "). After another few decades, Xie Yi (also Xie Wuyi) who was nicknamed "Xie Butterfly" (because he wrote more than 300 poems about butterfly singing) also passed by here, leaving his own work "Jiangchengzi Xing" Wine village wine flag wind. At the moment Xie Yi wrote, he was "being" one of the first ancestors to support Macheng Xinghua Village. "Sanli Peach Blossom Store, Suli Xinghua Village; there are beautiful wines in the village, and there are beautiful women in the store." Little Macheng waited on the bank of the historical river, receiving scholars from the south and north, the dusty servants: Du Mu (this person is pending) When Qingming meets the rain, he wants to drink to relieve his sorrow; Su Shi moved on the road, with friends; Xie Yi used the words to express his intentions, and revisited the place. Later, there was Li Zhi of the Ming Dynasty, and the Buddhist temple was repaired.

Xinghua Village, Guichi, Anhui, the strongest one

Compared with Fenyang, Guichi won in "time." The "Rainfall in the Qingming Festival" is a spring scene in the south of the Yangtze River. Fenyang, located in "Hebei" (north of the Yellow River), is not only without "rainstorm", but a "high wind rises and clouds fly" (Liu Bang's "Wind Song"), " "Yuhuan and Feiyan are dust" (Xin Qiji's "Touching Fish"). Compared with Macheng, Guichi is better than Renren. Du Mu's trip to Macheng was based on the Mulan temple, but he had been to Guichi in black and white (historical facts)-Du Mu wanted to make a thin mud in the "Cow and Li Party Fight", but because the thin mud did not make up, Was transferred to Chizhou (ie Guichi) thorn history. Ming and Qing dynasties, "Jiangnan Tongzhi", "Guichi County Chronicle", "Chizhou County Chronicle" (actually "Guichi County Chronicle"), "Xinghua Village Chronicle" (and "Continued Chronicle") "Also took turns to support Guichi, as if the torrential river was endless.

In this "Xinghua Village" battle, it is difficult to distinguish between the males and the females; you come and go, you have your own words. The above list is just three of them. I wonder if there is your hometown? The data left by Mr. Nai Du and Mu (the shepherd's shepherd) is extremely scarce. It seems that the case is an official and difficult to judge; the editor of the poem concludes the poem, and it is not passed on by word of mouth:

"Qing Ming" ink pen point into the spring, the public and the public are already dead.

Where does the shepherd know? Deep inside of Xinghua Village.

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