hg696e com Mobile Games Week Recommendation: Qingming Festival New Year's Holiday Recommended

Mobile Games Week Recommendation: Qingming Festival New Year's Holiday Recommended

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Inexplicable crossing

Netease's annual mobile game masterpiece "Bright Continent" 3.28 iOS debut, epic magical world waiting for you to experience; cool magic mobile game "Myth Eternal" Android closed beta on March 28th, next-generation audiovisual magic fantasy drama; classic feelings The "Zhengtu 2 Mobile Games" test on March 28, ten years of true love, is both the origin and the return; the classic Xianxia mobile game "Battle Soul" began testing on March 27, riding pets soaring like a fairy; Sina Games launched " New Century Evangelion: Daybreak 3.31 Android public beta, the new generation of EVA completes the human completion plan.

Bright continent
iOS & Android

Epic magical world is waiting for you to experience

Netease's self-developed 3D magical MMO masterpiece "Bright Continent" will be available on the iOS platform on March 28. The game screen has a 360-degree free perspective, a 12.96 million square meter super-large world and a 2K HD game resolution. In the battle experience, the game introduces a dynamic combat system, with a fingertip to say goodbye to stand. The game also provides players with dozens of personalized fashions, mounts, and rich character actions and expressions. In addition, 40 people have a large group of PKs, allowing players to experience the magical and epic world in a rich and diverse world.

Editor: Finally officially open beta! As Netease's annual mobile game masterpiece, "Bright Continent" has a sense of world grandeur to hit most domestic mobile games with this as a selling point. The game as a whole is no different from the end game, it is a mobile game that can feel the end game 3A masterpiece, it is a pity not to play.

Myth eternity
iOS & Android

Next-generation audiovisual fantasy fantasy drama

The cool and magical peak masterpiece "Mythical Eternity" was closed for testing on the Android platform on March 28th. The next-generation movie quality, thousand yuan machine can also experience smoothly. Gorgeous divine wear and divine feathers, custom made without pressure. Unique divine power gameplay, players can also be "GM". Rich PVP gameplay, anytime, anywhere, want to fight! Open all free world, Boss in the wild randomly drop the best equipment, full free trade is free, to satisfy all your fantasy of Western magic!

Editor: "Myth Eternity" This is a newly launched mobile game. The editor said that he has not experienced this work, and will experience it again after the new test launch.

Journey 2 Mobile Games
iOS & Android

Decades of true love, both coming and going

The classic feeling mobile game "Zhengtu 2 Mobile Games" will be tested on March 28, revisiting the years of brothers traveling side by side in the mainland. Re-enacting classic gameplay of the end game, four classic professions, endless melee battles, SLR graphics, more autonomous and innovative gameplay, interoperability between Apple and Android, detonating the passion of the people!

Editor: I think the editor was also an old player of "Journey". Several brothers formed a group of swords and went down the sea, playing with joy. Now that the sequel to the game's sequel is relaunched, veteran players have the heart to relive their emotions.

protel99 se

Fighting spirit
iOS & Android

Riding pets soaring and happy as fairy

Oriental classic Xiaxia mobile game "Battle Soul" opened dual-end test on March 27. The game inherited the diverse gameplay, career transfer, social gameplay, and classic development system of Xiaxia mobile game. The game screen adopts beautiful and exquisite antique style. In the picture, all kinds of exquisite pets are provided for players to ride and soar, creating a magnificent immortal world for players.

Editor: This "Battle Soul" is based on Xianxia. Riding pet and Xiuxian adventure editor think these are the two highlights of this work. This game is really worth playing for players who like to raise pets and make copies.

New Century Evangelion: Dawn
iOS & Android

New generation EVA completes human replenishment program

The mobile game "New Century Evangelion: Daybreak" developed and published by Sina Games is open for Android on March 31. This game is a horizontal version of the role-playing mobile game. The game settings are loyal to the original "Evangelion", with smooth operation, exquisite graphics and rich content. The game focuses on character development and competition. Players will drive tall and majestic mechas in the game, gradually unlocking the destiny of the characters through the way of constantly challenging the level, and experience the wonderful journey of seeking human completion.

Xiaobian: Oh, EVA !!! Xiaobian has seen the coolest animation in his childhood, full of ketchup on the screen. This game uses horizontal fighting as a point of play. It is also necessary to highlight the original machine-focused action series. Friends who like EVA can give it a try.

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