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10 conditions to become a husband and wife, see how suitable you are?

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There are so many people in the world, and there are many people in love, but not all of them can join the halls of marriage in the end. Some people are only suitable for love but not for marriage, because being a husband and wife has to meet some basic requirements, otherwise even a barely married couple will have a difficult life.


A friend who can talk to each other

As husband and wife, the most basic should be friends, and they should be good friends or confidants. Unless you are just spouses in a purely physiological sense, you ca n’t even make friends. Can't be happy.


Have common values

Things are grouped together, and friends should have a basic understanding of the world and values of life, at least they can default each other's life values, otherwise how to be friends? Friends are still like this. Of course, to live together for a long time, of course, they must have common values of life. The pursuit of life and life goals are inconsistent, and there are serious differences of views on things. How can marriage proceed?


Understand each other well

Understanding each other is the basic premise of interpersonal communication, and of course, to be a husband and wife, of course, the most basic thing to do is to understand. If you don't know each other, your family background, education, temperament, personality traits, living habits, etc. should be fully understood, at least basic understanding.

Of course, understanding is far from enough. After understanding, if you can accept what you know, you must fully trust each other. Without trust, there is no contact, especially for husband and wife.


Easy communication with each other in case of trouble

Of course, some problems and contradictions will inevitably occur between people. Of course, the same is true of husband and wife, and because of being together every day, the possibility of friction and conflict is even greater. It is not terrible to have contradictions. What is terrible is the inability to communicate with each other and intensify the development of contradictions. Therefore, an important and basic requirement for husband and wife is that it is easy to communicate with each other in case of trouble.


Dedication and sacrifice to each other

Husband and wife are a typical combination of rights and duties, but what you get is not always proportional to what you give, and it may not be completely equal. One side of a husband and wife will always pay more, while the other side may pay less. Of course, as a husband and wife, you can't care about it, you must have a spirit of dedication and sacrifice.

No one owes anyone in marriage, and there is no distinction between high and low, and willingness to sacrifice is also one of the basic requirements for being a husband and wife.


Double correction

Be tolerant of each other

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has shortcomings. Because of the close contact between husband and wife, errors and shortcomings can be more easily discovered. Therefore, as a husband and wife, they should have a tolerant heart and be able to correctly and rationally treat the weaknesses and The mistakes made were neither fault-finding nor principled indulgence.

Tolerate small and irrelevant shortcomings and mistakes and help the other party to correct big mistakes and shortcomings.


Have basic interests

Everyone has their own aspirations, but husbands and wives should maintain the same consensus, and they can have the same views and opinions in terms of interest. Only in this way can they be consistent and not go further and further away from Germany. Only with similar interests can they live together for a long time, and a married couple cannot be happy.


Support each other firmly

The important point that marriage is different from love is that marriage has to face more real life pressures and problems, and marriage is more cumbersome and even tedious, so there are more difficulties and problems encountered.

Whether it is a wife or a husband, whether in life or work, they will encounter some unexpected problems. This is not terrible. The key is to get the firm support of the other party. If you retreat as soon as you encounter a problem, this is not as good as your friends, and your future marriage life will not continue.


Accept each other's family

Many young lovers tend to ignore this point, thinking that marriage is a private matter between two people, and you can ignore the other, which is of course a naive romanticism.

Marriage is a matter for two young people, and it is also a matter for both parents and two families. In addition to loving each other, a husband and wife must also be able to accept each other's family. If you ca n’t stand the actions of each other ’s parents ’family, and they cannot If you do not ask you anything, then your future marriage life will be endless.


Have a basic material economy as a foundation

Suitable for falling in love is not the same as being a husband and wife, because marriage is more than the real life of chai rice vinegar. Without a certain material economy as the basis, the marriage life cannot proceed, so two people who are too artisty may Not suitable for husband and wife, because they are likely to sink into romantic artistic life without knowing Rudao life and making money to support their families.

Therefore, to be a husband and wife must have the ability to talk to each other, values, interests, and basically must be the same! Many young lovers tend to ignore this, thinking that marriage is two people, and you can ignore the other, which is of course a naive romanticism.


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