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Boyfriend pinched my YSL lipstick

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Never look for a boyfriend in the trash.

Text: There are beauties in the north | Picture: Internet

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Last night, I habitually tweeted on my bed and saw a group of pictures that ruined my girlfriend's cosmetics.

Many famous brand cosmetics are soaked in water in the picture, and there are many items that girls love. For example, what snowflake snowflake lotion, Lancome's powder water, Versace's perfume, Givenchy's loose powder are all hot models.

And lipsticks were all broken, thrown violently on the edge of the pool. After zooming in the picture carefully, after reading the essay and the surrounding environment, what makes me feel even more discouraged is that--

He sent a circle of friends like this: "Don't you dare to annoy me after seeing your bitch?"

In my day, you really have a lot of cool, this can give you what you can, ruined the girlfriend's cosmetics in advance and do not say aside, in the tone of the man's speech, I want to hit him.

Who is it, call your girlfriend a sister-in-law, what quality! Girlfriends are pets, not for you!

Regardless of what she did to say sorry to you, the two are still together after all. As for talking about her girlfriend in public? !!

Also, what do you think, you destroy other cosmetics! I don't know how many people noticed the environment in which the photos were taken, the humble small cabinets, the most unobtrusive bathroom sink, and the cosmetics scattered on the tabletop were things I bought for a long time and couldn't bear to use.

The bottle cap is very worn and the bottle body has various dust stains. The girls can see it at a glance. This must be something that has been used for a long time. Then compare the contents of the pool with powder water and loose powder. Many, only four lipsticks still have more than half.

This is a girl who is not in good condition. She has saved a lot of cosmetics for a long time, and they are all explosive. They are used with caution and they are very economical.

I'm not his girlfriend, but I'm furious across the screen.

For girls, those cosmetics that are used sparingly represent the girl's longing for life, she hopes to be recognized, and that is her external appearance!

How many girls in Beishangguang have a salary of 8,000 yuan, live in a basement of 3,000 yuan, and save money to buy designer bags in order to save money?

Do you think it's just because they worship money, they are snobbish? No, that's their confidence. That is the wealth and dignity of the opposite of them. As people live, we are all trying to be decent, at least in the eyes of others.

There are some things that are thresholds, and no one can underestimate the reality of people now. There is really a society where you carry a 200-dollar bag to talk to people. Before you can open your mouth, customers feel that you can't do it. The company you represent is not strong enough, and you can deny it directly.

However, no matter how economical and frugal it is, there are still many, many people who can't afford those extravagant bags and accessories that are too expensive.

Therefore, they can only get it back from cosmetics. They try to buy some relatively high-end items that are well-known by everyone to support their aura. They are eager to make up in front of many little sisters every time they make-up. He can calmly take out the loose powder in his pocket, can open the small mirror calmly, pretending that he usually lives well, and symbolically pats his face.

It may be said that many people here are very funny, how can there be such people.

But please believe this: In this world, there are really a lot of people who are alive and struggling, and they are struggling and struggling hard.

This has nothing to do with vanity, they are just to be seen high in front of others.

csol standalone artifact age

Think of it after the anger, quite chilling to the girl.

This is a lot of misfortune. It's a bitter life to meet such a man with a mouth full of swear words and a man with advanced cancer.

It is said that there is a glimpse of the leopard in the tube. From this incident, they can see the pattern of their daily interactions. It is full of swear words, violence, and stubbornly carrying on to the end. Suddenly I felt very scared. What kind of experience was it to get along with such a person.

While scolding the man and the beast, look back at the girl's lover mode. This is her boyfriend after all.

There is a very hot question on Zhihu, "Why are good girls always attracted to scum men?"

Because of the characteristics that existed in them, they attracted scum men.

There are too many examples of good girls around me being spoiled by scumbags. Countless, the common characteristics of them are that they are weak in personality, easy to coax, and the Virgin is strong.

Big grain is the worst girl in our circle. Her boyfriend Xiaolong has a bad temper and always hits her. She started drinking a lot of alcohol and hit her, but later she broke into a big neck with a word.

We couldn't understand the significance of such a man getting along with him. We all persuaded Da Li to break up with him. At that time, Da Li was also broken and hurt, dragging his injured leg and letting us accompany her home to get luggage.

Just packing up to half, her boyfriend is back. Xiaolong asked her, "What are you doing?" Big grain cried and said, "I'm leaving. I'm really afraid of you. We're not fit. Let's break up."

Xiaolong's emotions softened all of a sudden, with a very humble attitude, begging Da Ling to give him another chance, asking Da Ling not to leave him, he began to kneel and confess to Da Ling, talking and crying, raising his hands and giving himself one after another. Crying and begging for big grain to stay, she vowed that she would treat her well in the future and never let her suffer a little bit of grievance.

We all pulled big grain and let her follow us quickly. Don't watch the sad drama of the abuser here, but big grain cried and yelled at us and said, "If you guys go first, he can't do this."

After we were driven downstairs by her boyfriend, we felt that the plot was simply too funny, the man was almost stubborn, but suddenly understood why this happened--

It was the big-hearted soft heart that fulfilled the growing injuries this time and again.

I have seen too many innocent and kind girls with a sincere and enthusiastic heart, and want to use their warmth to affect those scum men.

They are all like self-denial as big grains, and all they want is to be patient, and it will be fine. They are always looking for various reasons and excuses for those scum men, but it is also this soft heart and bottomless patience that caused a series of subsequent injuries.

I don't believe that this is the first time a man who ruined cosmetics called a girl "sister-in-law", but they are still together. I don't believe that big grain will be stable and happy in the future. I don't believe she will cry for help late at night. But even so, this is their choice, and we cannot intervene and save the unmovable choice.

Coming out of Dalian's house that day, we took her in Zhang's car to accompany her to pick up the children from school. As soon as the little guy got into the car, Sister Zhang told her earnestly:

Never look for a boyfriend in the garbage dump. You can't dig out the baby in the rubbish dense area, and decisively throw away the deteriorated things, from the first time they smell.

Her girl is four years old, listening with a pair of big eyes, and I know, the little one didn't understand.

But all the people in this car understood what Zhang said to us.

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