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Drink coffee to save the planet? Few things can be done by Star Father

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If you think that Fan Daca is here to tell you a story about the coffee superman saving the earth, like the American TV series, then you are wrong.

! It is understood that in Shanghai each person consumes 20 cups of coffee per year in a coffee shop, counting 40 to 50 million people, and at least hundreds of millions of coffee paper cups are consumed each year! However, even in a country as environmentally conscious as the United Kingdom, only 0.1% of the 3 billion coffee paper cups consumed each year are recycled.

Fan Daca, I'm not good at math

But also know 100 million coffee paper cups

How big a forest must be cut

"Save the planet" is not far away. We ca n’t stop wars or punish sin. But when it comes to drinking coffee, we can be environmentally friendly. Since you drink coffee, you must bear this responsibility. All the behaviors are commendable.

Therefore, everyone who loves coffee should know more about environmental protection, and if conditions permit

Bring your own coffee cup

是精(diao)英(si)人士的一种生活理念,真正爱咖啡的人们不仅要有“拯救地球”的使命感,能拥有一个充满科技感,又时尚酷炫屌炸天的咖啡杯,那更能让自己从一大波的“庸脂俗粉”里脱颖而出。 Environmental protection is a philosophy of life for people in English. People who really love coffee must not only have a sense of mission to "save the earth", but also have a stylish and cool coffee cup full of technology. , That can make oneself stand out from a large wave of "cheesy powder". ,就能帮你在一堆的妖艳贱货中显得清新脱俗。 And the Hub Cup , a member coffee cup full of technological interest from Coffee Hub, can help you look fresh and refined in a bunch of glamorous and cheap goods.

Price 89 yuan

Inside the Coffee Hub Alliance Cafe

Spend with this Hub Cup

Free first cup (less than 30 RMB)

$ 7 off any cup of coffee

Drink two or three glasses a week

I actually paid back in a month.

Environmental action saves the planet

What are you waiting for!

Long press the QR code to buy the cup

Or click "read original" at the end of the article to buy

Stylish and convenient, environmental protection and safety

Bringing your own coffee cup is not rejected by many people, but it is also difficult to accept.

The cup is too big to fit; it is too small, even the "Middle Cup" of Xing Dad's can't be filled. 。 The Hub Cup can be changed like magic, making a cup large or small .

Flexible and easy to carry.

The same model of cup can change 3 capacity shapes

A small cup, a large cup, a cup!

The small pockets next to the backpack can fit

I do n’t like to bring a bag, and it ’s convenient to put it in my pocket (please wear a pair of skinny jeans) When you approach the coffee shop, in front of the eyes, take out the cup that has n’t been slap in your pocket. Get bigger.

Then, he said to the little coffee girl, "Mocha, grande, thank you!"

Moreover, there is still a lot to say about this cup with its own value. 的咖啡杯! Not to mention the world's first , at least the first domestic PP5 coffee cup! ,常见熔点高达167摄氏度,婴幼儿童使用的杯具碗具都是使用这一等级的材质哦。 PP5 is the only plastic material that can be heated in a microwave oven. The common melting point is 167 degrees Celsius. Cups and bowls used by infants and children are made of this grade.

Black mullet

In particular, it should be noted that there will be some PP5 coffee cups on the market, but most of them are only used in the cup body, and other grades of plastic are used for the cup lid, which must not be put in a microwave oven.

The whole cup can be put directly into the microwave with the lid

Don't be afraid of coffee getting cold in winter

Heat the whole cup in the microwave

Immediately give you a warm winter

Technology is bursting

If you think the Hub Cup is just a cup for pure drinks, then the pattern is Tucson! When Fan Daca was experiencing, the girl next to me saw me without paying cash or scanning the QR code, and left with a cup. I was curious to ask the clerk: Do you pay for coffee here?

and many more

We are good citizens

Never eat overlord meal

When you check out, bring the Hub Cup close to the special equipment on the checkout counter. With a click, your mobile phone WeChat immediately jumps out of the payment window, enters the amount, immediately deducts 7 yuan, and pays away. Is it spicy?

This full sense of science and technology has attracted many onlookers.

Fan Daca is in the ceremony full of attention

Striding meteor left

Drinking coffee

Oftentimes, some friends who don't know the heights and heights drank a cup of star dad, mom and dad in my circle of friends, and lamented the time. Thought to be very particular?

Fan Daca applauds you

。 Many pot enthusiasts who are new to coffee may not yet know very well. 70% of the quality of a cup of coffee depends on the coffee beans and 30% depends on the level and equipment of the barista . Our common street cafes are all over the same brand chain coffee shops, and most of them use ordinary coffee beans with low purchase prices. The so-called, penny by pen, is even more so in the coffee industry where quality is the most important. 。 The Hub Cup relies on Shanghai's most high-quality coffee alliance, Coffee Hub, and Shanghai's top coffee enthusiast organization. Together, they found the most sophisticated cafe with the most discerning eyes and taste buds . ,所以,这是可以用金钱衡量的品质标准。 The alliance has many rules and requirements for cooperative cafes, but one of them has very high standards and high quality requirements for coffee beans. The purchase price per ounce is more than twice that of ordinary coffee beans , so this can be measured by money. Quality standards. Of course, the Hub Cup can not only measure quality with money, but also naked benefits. Yes, if you drink coffee to "save the planet", we will give you the value you deserve. Take the Hub Cup and order coffee at the Coffee Hub Alliance Cafe

The first glass is free!

之后, 每杯可抵7元! (With cups, coffee within 30 yuan, beyond the difference) , each cup can reach 7 yuan!

喜大普奔啊! (With a cup, if you forget to bring it, you can get 3 yuan with a WeChat membership.)

Fan Daca, I only have 2 cups of coffee per week

Actually returned in a month ! Besides

3 yuan per cup at Starbucks

(凭杯子,感谢星巴克和Seesaw支持环保) Seesaw is worth 2 yuan per cup (by cup, thank Starbucks and Seesaw for supporting environmental protection)

Boutique cafe is here

Let's take a look at the boutique cafes that can get the eye of these discerning coffee enthusiasts. 最后,再重申一遍。 Long press the QR code to learn about the Alliance Cafe. Finally, repeat it again. The above-mentioned fine (compulsive) coffee shops take the Hub Cup for consumption. The first cup is free (less than 30 yuan, and the excess is made up for the difference). After that, each cup will be worth 7 yuan!

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