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How to identify true and false deer tendons

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Deer tendons are the tendons of the deer sika deer or red deer, which can be collected throughout the year. Take the deer's limbs, pull out the foot tendons, keep the hoof, dry in the shade, and cut off the hooves when using medicine, wash it with warm water, and set it on charcoal. Bake softly and cut into small pieces. Its warm, slightly salty taste, non-toxic, into the liver and kidney two classics, with the effect of tonic yuan, strong bones.

"Ben Cao Feng Yuan" contains: Deer tendons "large bones and bones, which are unforgettable cold." It is often used to treat symptoms such as strain, rheumatic joint pain, weakness in hands and feet, and cramps. In addition to sika deer tendons and red deer tendons, the authentic contents of the Pharmacopoeia include sambar tendons, flat-horned deer tendons, and imported New Zealand deer tendons. There are sheep tendons posing as deer tendons on the market. Pay attention to identification when using them.

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The authentic sika deer tendons are slender strips, 45 to 65 cm long and 1.5 to 2 cm thick. The surface is golden yellow or brownish yellow, shiny, translucent, fleshy at the top, 2 hoofs at the bottom, and small hoof. The hoof nails are black, smooth, and have a slightly narrow semicircular shape. The hoof pads are gray-black and horny. There are hoof hairs next to the cantilever, which are brownish yellow or light brown, thin and soft; there are 4 sesamoid bones, the joint surface is smooth, the second and third sesamoid bones are tongue-like, slightly larger, about 1.6 to 1.8 cm long, and 0.8 wide ~ 1 cm, one side is long and semi-circular; tough and difficult to break; tastes light and smells slightly smelly. The appearance of the fake sheep tendon is thin, small, about 22 to 24 cm in length, 0.4 to 0.6 cm thick, the surface is gray-brown or off-white, slightly shiny, slightly transparent, and there are no hanging hooves at the tendon end. Seed bones, but smaller, neatly arranged, with smooth articular surfaces, the first and fourth seed bone articular surfaces have a ridge, one side of the bevel is a short strip, and the other is semicircular; the taste is light , But smelled slightly suffocated.

In addition to its specific effects, real deer's tendons have high economic value, while fake sheep's tendons not only do not have the effects of deer tendons, but also have a low price. Medical education.

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